Give Half 2.0 Live— Just in Time for Pro Bono Week!

Happy Pro Bono Week, everyone! As you can probably imagine, this is one of our favorite weeks here at verynice. We love a good opportunity to share the giant impact pro bono has made in our work— and the even larger role it will play in changing the world. That's why, just in time for Pro Bono Week, we are proud to announce that Give Half 2.0 is now LIVE

Give Half 2.0 will act as a toolkit that is broken into four primary sections (definitions, FAQs, worksheets, and essays), each representing the inner-working of the verynice 50% pro bono business model from different perspectives. We'll be highlighting different sections of the book throughout Pro Bono Week, starting with Part 1, Defining the Model

"Giving over half of your work away for free is easier said than done. What are the logistics of doing such a thing? Why would you ever want to commit to this kind of generosity, as a business owner? How is this even possible? Through a series of explorations that range from clear cut definitions and graphical interpretations to narrative scenarios and traditional business modeling, Part 1 of the “How to Give Half of Your Work Away for Free” toolkit will examine the subtleties of making a 50% pro-bono model work."

You can download Give Half 2.0 here— and since you can’t write about giving away your work and charge for it— it's available for free or a donation of your choosing!