#beverynice update: Ashoka's Catapult Launch

Last month, the verynice team joined up with Ashoka's Catapult to help student entrepreneurs from around the globe learn about branding their businesses at Stanford, UPenn (November 8) and Harvard (November 15). Our amazing be verynice volunteers were fundamental in making our branding workshops a huge success!  

AshokaCatapult Program

verynice NY and LA, along with be verynice volunteers led a one day branding workshop to help students brand their business concepts.

Some of the businesses we worked on:

  • Bio-Sticks:  A for-profit venture that produces natural, organic lipstick, which contains a patented biogenic ingredient and possess the same physical characteristics found in traditional lipsticks (but without any of the harmful dyes and heavy metals.)
  • FlashFinder:  A for-profit enterprise that is seeking to build an online platform for individuals to connect with and rate amateur photographers.

  • Hearing for All:  A social venture that will create affordable hearing tests and hearing aids by leveraging open source hardware and software.

  • STEMs For Youth:  A nonprofit organization that seeks to narrow the achievement gap by getting kids excited about STEM, through the teaching 21st Century skills, STEM, and the collaborative value of diversity through LEGO and robotics, and video game design.

The Brand Workshop at UPenn

The Brand Workshop at UPenn

Together, with #beverynice volunteers, verynice NY and LA helped students understand the essence of their business in order to develop an exciting brand that would speak to their audience.  The interactive workshop included instruction on and the creation of mood boards, for which the students were asked to think about keywords and imagery that embodies their company.  The team also worked with the Catapult students on creating and analyzing user personas to identify key stakeholders in their product.  By the end of the day, the students had a better understanding of what makes their business unique, and how to best represent their work.

The Brand Workshop at Harvard

The Brand Workshop at Harvard

Jessica Wen, a designer at verynice NY said working with the students was “beyond humbling”. She says, “Students who joined the Catapult program were high school age. It was fascinating to see these youth venture concept ideas and how much the students have dedicated their time and energy towards the project. The #beverynice (volunteers from the verynice’s network) team was on site working with individual group of students for the initial kick off branding workshop. As the students further develop their concept and brand, I will continue my support by working with the students and creating logo/brand identity iteration for each team.”

Here are the #beverynice volunteers who participated in our Branding Workshops on each of the three campuses:

Standford: Marlon Fuentes, Marc O'Brien, Alden Seabolt 
UPenn: James Vanié, Steph Valencia, Marria Nakhoda, Jessica Wen
Harvard: Heejin Suh, Julia Marvel, Jessica Wen

Thank you to Ashoka and TO our beverynice volunteers for all of your hard work and dedication to social innovation!