The Last Bookstore


Last on our adventure was a quick stop at The Last Bookstore, a bookworm's dream. Truly. It's so bizarre and perfect inside. Book tunnels, flying anthologies, a mounted mammoth's head; it's all inside this former bank.


Cindy and I were simply astounded that neither Matt nor Alisa had stepped foot in here before. We each roamed and ended up in the sections that spoke the most about each of us: Matt in Poetry, Alisa in Classics, Cindy in Design; I followed Alisa around on her quest to promote her pair of Alice in Wonderland editions into a collection.


Unfortunately, she didn't find anything that caught her eye; the search continues.

Matt's super into Allen Ginsberg right now; have you seen Kill Your Darlings? You should, if you love jazz, poetry, beatniks, or Harry Potter. Or Dexter.


And thus concludes our first official verynice Field Trip! I'd say it was a success. Where should we go next?

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