Global Service Jam


I had a blast this past weekend speaking and mentoring at the 2014 Global Service Jam inside DIRECTV's awesome innovation lab.

Global Service Jam is an event that simultaneously takes place across 100 cities. People interested in service design, design thinking, and innovation meet up across these locations to develop a brand new service design solution in just 48 hours.

My team had interest in developing a new service design solution that could make the logistics of local disaster relief simpler. I'm biased, but I totally think my team was the best ;)

The presentation I have was centered around tactics for rapid prototyping. I walked the audience through several strategies and approaches for quickly testing and iterating upon a concept. The point? Get ideas out of your head as fast as possible!

Photo by  @yknakano

Photo by @yknakano

I can't wait for next year. Until then, I'll share an anecdote that I had shared with the audience:

"Proving a problem is more important than proving a solution."