24 Hour CreateAthon

On October 24th, verynice participated in The 24-Hour CreateAthon, an around-the-clock creative blitz. In order to double the impact within the 24 hours, verynice improvised the existing 24 hours CreateAthon format in order to provide CreateAthon service to two non-profit organizations. This format allowed us to provide design services for two non-profit organizations to help them share their unique story and the impact they are making.

The two organizations we worked with were:

National Museum of Animals & Society & Gardens to Hospitals

We divided 24 hours into two 12-hours sessions. We dedicated each session to an organization we picked. Each session required two organization members to be on site to work collaboratively with our creative team. Our creative team helped assess each organization’s challenge and defined a project scope that can serve the need for each organization. Each of these session was followed by 12-hour off-site segments where only the creative team members dedicated in the final production to produce the deliverables defined during the on-site segment.

The team at verynice curated a creative team for each session with talented volunteers trained in graphic design, illustration, web-development, and copywriting in order to come up with creative and practical solution for each organization.


Session One. Gardens to Hospitals

Thursday, October 24th (7:00AM ‑ 7:00PM)

Creative Team:
Nic Sanchez: Graphic designer
Zoe-Zoe Sheen: Illustrator
Maya Benari: Creative Technologist
Marlon Fuentes: Copy Writer
Bora Shin: Creative Director

Organization Staff on-site:
Mark Griffin, Executive Director
Luka Starmer, Project Director


How to interestingly tell a mission of the Gardens to Hospital to potential hospital partners and funders.


Our team put together a series of still motion animation on a micro site to help get the messaging of Gardens to Hospital’s mission.


Session Two. National Museum of Animals & Society

Thursday, October 24th (9:00PM) — Friday, October 25th (9:00AM)

Creative Team:
Dennis Delgado: Graphic designer
Justin Gier: Creative Technologist
Christine Kim: Copy Writer
Bora Shin: Creative Director

Organization Staff on-site:
Carolyn Mullin, Executive Director
Christine Kim, Research Writer


How to allow people to understand how deep and strong the human-animal bond is, especially for people who have little else in their lives and find their home in the heart of an animal.


Using their existing decision making board game concept that allows user through the experience of a homeless human-animal family, we turned their yes-no scenarios into sets of longer scenarios. We thought for the user to be confronted with the choices that affect survival and the ability of the family to stay together, and allowing to see each decision leads to different consequences will be a good way to understand the reality of the situation. We also found modifying their existing scenario format as an opportunity to translate their concept into an online format, will allow for a bigger audience of people to experience that journey.


Gardens to Hospitals: Garden to Hospitals offers an innovative grants program for hospitals interested in hosting their own garden landscape. Upon approval of a hospital garden, Gardens to Hospitals help design and implement gardens of various scale, from standard raised beds on a patio, to maximum output rooftop greenhouses -- fully organic and sustainable. They coordinate a plan with the hospital administrators and food service departments for maintaining and utilizing the garden spaces as they feed their hospital community.

Website: http://gardenstohospitals.org/


National Museum of Animals & Society: The National Museum of Animals & Society is dedicated to enriching the lives of animals and people through exploration of our shared experience. To this end, NMAS promotes respect for life and compassionate ethics in advancing healthy, meaningful interconnections with the animal world.

Website: http://mydogismyhome.com/2013/10/11/rsvp-my-dog-is-my-home/

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