For the Love of Font

We're giving type a shout out this week!

Here's a little insight into how typefaces are created (It's a great short film too!): 

"Font Men" featuring seasoned type designers Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones (that's right, there are actual people with actual names that make actual letters for us to use) explain their transition into type design, their process, and what keeps them interested. 

Fun fact: they start with "H" and "O" before moving onto "D" and the rest of the alphabet, can you guess why?


Here's a little insight into how typefaces are used (It's a great site design too!):

Aura Seltzer's Type Connection is a fun site that helps you learn how to pair typefaces by playing the match maker for some well known ones. It also features an extensive resource list of typography links!

Type is essential in giving design a sturdy theme and polished feel. There is a time and place for most typefaces but without good type design appropriate usage we're all just Papyrus in the wind.

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