Welcome (back) to veryniceLA, Noah!


Remember our Volunteer in Residence (and creator of our amazing Space Slam workshop), Noah Goldberg-Jaffe? Well, he’s officially back on the team! As a Volunteer in Residence, Noah worked on business and marketing strategy, workshop design and facilitation, and account management. This time, he’ll still be managing accounts— as our Junior Accounts Manager!

Even though he’s not technically new to verynice, we still put Noah through the obligatory first day interview. We got his thoughts on everything from making a global impact to LA’s lack of trees. Check it out! 

Hey, Noah! Welcome (back) to the team! Can you tell us how your role here at verynice has evolved?

My role at verynice is evolving into a position where I now have more opportunities to work with the whole office. I am excited to continue to learn from all the passionate and talented members of the verynice team as we continue to simultaneously grow and make a positive global impact!


Speaking of making a global impact, why is it important for both the corporate and nonprofit spaces to have a social conscience? 

For-profit and nonprofit businesses alike must have a social conscience because the world isn't going to change itself. I believe that humans are inherently good, but in order for the average person to make a sustaining impact, it must be incorporated into his or her daily life.  Integrating social awareness into the business world will help to create the systemic impact this world needs.


You've done some awesome work abroad! Tell us about your research in Lesotho! 

 I was lucky enough to apply and receive a fellowship through my alma mater, Occidental College, to travel to and conduct research in Maseru, the capital city of Lesotho. I conducted an independent qualitative study on the cultural and vocational efficacy of the educational model of a small independent learning center there in Maseru.  The center, called Seliba Sa Boithuto ("SSB"), or fountain of learning in the native tongue of Sesotho. Because of the overall positivity I found in the responses of the former learners, SSB was able to use my report as a tool to prove their worth to potential international donors.


Awesome. Aside from your focus on enacting change, anything else we should know?

I love to read, run, and adventure outside. I grew up in a small town in the woods in New Hampshire, and I still mistake LA's big buildings for trees sometimes (just kidding, but really where are all the trees?!)


Thanks, Noah! 


Stay tuned for more from veryniceLA and updates on Noah’s gradual acclimation to the urban landscape here in Los Angeles.