Code for America is verynice.

Code for America is a nonprofit that develops technology-focused solutions to help government and citizens work together. By leveraging technology, Code for America is able to facilitate government cooperation and empower residents to actively solve problems within their communities.

Code for America logo

Code for America logo

The Code for America Accelerator is a four-month program that provides technology startups with training, mentorship, and access to their vast government network and technology landscape. To participate, the startups must pass Code for America’s very selective application process. Out of more than a hundred, only five make the cut.

For the past two years, verynice has been a mentor with the Accelerator program. This means that Code for America assigns us between two and three startups per year to provide mentorship around brand strategy.

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This year, we are so excited to have been assigned to two fantastic startups:

Trailhead Labs collaborates with outdoor groups and local government in order to connect people with the outdoors.

MuniRrent allows municipalities to rent needed equipment from one another through the MuniRent application, saving them (and therefore their citizens) the high cost of traditional rental services.

Last year, we had the opportunity to work with SmartProcure, StreetCred, and Family Assessment Form:

Smartprocure collects data from thousands of local, state and federal agencies in order to improve procurement knowledge, allowing companies to make better purchasing decisions.

Through a program that aggregates information from the court and a variety of law enforcement agencies, StreetCred helps law enforcement agencies find and remove fugitives from the community, keeping their officers safer in the process.

Designed by social workers and home visitors, Family Assessment Form is a practice tool that helps family support practitioners standardize the assessment of their services so that supported families can receive the most effective services possible.


We'll keep you updated on our work with Code for America. If you haven't seen their TED talk, you'll want to watch that here— trust us, you'll walk away feeling empowered.