A verynice, Very Punny Summer

The summer weather has been heating up our little studio here in LA, so we’ve decided to chill out with some cool pun illustrations! We’ve stumbled across a handful of talented— and punny— designers, the macadamias of the design nuts.

Nina of MIS0HAPPY, Nabhan Abdullatif of Oman, and Jaco Haasbroek of Cape Town enjoy injecting clever humor into their illustrations. Conceptual design and stylistic simplicity meld perfectly to create art that our eyes and brains can feast upon.

Want more cool pun-ch for this hot weather...

Well, in the winter, our beloved dog, Charlie, wears his coat, but now that it’s summer, he wears his coat and pants.

Oh, and Humpty Dumpty didn’t just have a great fall; he had a pretty crackin’ spring and summer, too.

Water your thoughts on these?"


We hope you're having an excellent holiday weekend. We're at the beach, properly celebrating the close of summer… we hope you're doing the same!