verynice Giveaway: The Social Impact Grab Bag

One of many inspiring photos from a charity: water project in Sikedi Village, Malawi.  

One of many inspiring photos from a charity: water project in Sikedi Village, Malawi. 

We're sure you've noticed— verynice is doing a giveaway! We've handpicked over $100 worth of stylish items from our favorite social enterprises to create a "social impact grab bag" for one lucky winner. verynice has been a leading voice in the social enterprise movement for almost a decade, so we jumped at the opportunity to highlight some of the amazing brands we’ve encountered on our path. 

A social enterprise makes philanthropy an integral component of its business. It does not perceive volunteerism as an extracurricular activity nor does it prioritize capital gain, although it is designed to be sustainable.  Instead, a social enterprise aims to make a lasting contribution and advance the greater good of society.

The five companies from our giveaway embody this definition and make us proud to be part of the social enterprise movement. Here's a bit about each of them. 

LSTN (the headphones)

Did you know that just a hearing aid could help most of the 360 million people across the world with disabling hearing loss? The founders of LSTN did— and they decided it was their responsibility to do something about it. Using their backgrounds in fashion and music, they came up with the stylish and sustainable LSTN headphones.  Every purchase helps restore hearing to someone in need. So far, LSTN has helped over 15,000 people in the U.S., Peru, Kenya, and Uganda with hearing issues. 


Stone + Cloth (the iPad case)

Stone + Cloth believes that investing in children is the best way to positively impact a community. With the knowledge that over 130 million school-aged children don’t have access to basic education, Stone + Cloth set out to become global investors in children's education, empowering them to better themselves and their communities. Every Stone + Cloth purchase helps fund educational scholarships for children. 


krochet kids (the bow

Before they became the krochet kids, this group of friends sold their crochet creations to their high school classmates. Years later, the krochet kids now use their hobby to help women in Uganda and Peru. They start by teaching them to crochet, a skill they can use to create products in need, then provide them with career mentorship. These women can then create sustainable businesses and earn fair wages, helping them break the cycle of poverty for their families and communities. Every purchase helps fund their mission. 


charity: water (the playing cards)

Diseases contracted from unsafe water kill more people than all forms of violence each year. Water poverty also creates extreme gender inequality. Enter charity: water, which funds water programs in 22 countries that suffer from water scarcity, poverty, and political instability. The result: sustainable water programs, centralized community involvement, greatly decreased instances of disease, and greater gender equality. Their model dictates that 100% of public donations go directly to water projects, never to overhead— very impressive.


Keep A Breast (the bracelet

Keep A Breast is a nonprofit that aims to support those impacted by cancer and educate young people about health, prevention, and early detection— all through progressive art and a culture of activism and creative energy. From helping support those who have a loved one fighting breast cancer to inspiring independent support groups and empowering people to have a more candid discussion about cancer, Keep A Breast has helped the community in so many ways. 


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