#checkyourselfie Shoot: Behind the Scenes

We're so excited to be working with our friends at Keep A Breast! If you're not familiar, KAB is a nonprofit that aims to support those impacted by cancer and educate young people about health, prevention, and early detection— all through progressive art and a culture of activism and creative energy. Yes, they're awesome. Plus their name is too clever, right?

As part of the #checkyourselfie campaign we're arranging for KAB, we get to collaborate with our friends at filmanthropos, a fellow givehalf company (check out some of their amazing films here), to produce a video about incorporating self-check exams into your daily routine.

Jessica, superstar intern at veryniceLA, is on set all day today— and she's joining the production crew in multiple set changes from Runyon Canyon to Venice Beach to Downtown LA. (Angelinos, get ready to recognize a lot of your favorites in this video!) 


Jessica's been on set since 5:45am (yikes!) and sending behind the scenes pics all day. Yes, a lot of them include actors taking selfies. What do you expect with a campaign called #checkyourselfie? :) 

The video launches this fall— stay tuned!