Welcome (back) to veryniceNY, Jessica!


Once upon a time, the veryniceNY office had a design intern named Jessica. As you've probably guessed from the title of this post, Jessica was so awesome that we had to keep her! The story now continues as Jessica begins her first week (this week) as an official verynice Designer! As per verynice custom, we sat down for a conversation with Jessica and discussed everything from the usual (her role at verynice) to the unique (her awesome— and quite frankly, intimidating— skills in Muay Thai and Krav Maga). 

See Jessica's interview below to learn about her role at verynice, some of her awesome pro bono work, and why we won't be messing with her anytime soon… 

Welcome [back], Jessica! We're excited to have you full time! Can you tell us how your role here at verynice has evolved?

Thank you! I started my experience with veryniceNY as an intern about two months ago. I was (and still am) extremely thankful for all the great opportunities and energy. Even as an intern, I was able to directly jump into large scale projects and really involve myself in the design process. From here on out, I look forward to continuing to learn and grow as a designer, and contribute my share of positive social impact by doing what I love (aka design). 


We've heard you say "good design is like clear thinking made visual." That's a cool statement. Can you elaborate a little? 

That was a quote originally from Edward Tufte. I quoted him for various reasons— I agree that designers could benefit from clear and organized thought process and therefore resolve complex design tasks more easily. Secondly, Tufte and his role in design inspired me to not only be a designer, but also a scholar, writer, and a well-rounded creative being. Plus, lastly, I adore data visualization! :) 


It looks like you're a photographer too (we love your Tumblr page)! Tell us about your recent pro bono photo project…

I have been doing photography as a personal hobby for many years. Seeing things through the camera viewfinder is rather refreshing (and also a nice shift of focus from daily graphic design tasks). My most recent photo project was to document a group of 98 sea kayakers paddling 30+ miles, 11 hours all around Manhattan. I spent half a day on the safety boat on water, and the other half shooting on land. At the end of the trip, a 77 years old kayaker, who paddled strong for the whole trip, shook my hand and thanked my for volunteering my time— it was so beautiful, and absolutely a rewarding experience. (Pro Bono projects rock!) 

One of many awesome kayaking photos from Jessica's Tumblr page. 

One of many awesome kayaking photos from Jessica's Tumblr page. 

Check out Jessica's Tumblr for cool kayaking pics and more about her pro bono work. 

Check out Jessica's Tumblr for cool kayaking pics and more about her pro bono work. 

What else should we know about you? Something quirky? Hobbies? Obsessions? 

It is rather easy to give a list of my quirky hobbies! I am an ocean and water sports lover (certified scuba diver, experienced in sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and constantly looking to expend my list). Also, I am a martial arts practitioner; I trained in Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and Krav Maga (Isreali military self defense). And on top of all of that, I was originally born in Taiwan, however I have lived in China and Germany for two years each, and I'm currently on my seventh year living in the US. I know, I am literally all over the place!!!

Thanks, Jessica! 


Stay tuned for more posts from the veryniceNY team. We'll keep you updated on the latest— including Jessica's many travels and outdoor adventures!