An Exciting New Annual Report for Downtown Women's Center

It's always exciting to kick off another project with the Downtown Women's Center Staff! These are colleagues we've had the privilege to work with over the years and admire deeply for their innovative approach to helping women who are homeless. Our team created a beautiful annual report for Downtown Women's Center  last year to showcase their new brand identity and this year we wanted to do something different. Our goal was to create an even more immersive, easy-to-digest annual report that exemplifies the experience at Downtown Women's Center. 

The Design Challenge

It's often difficult to narrow down content for informational design. After all, when you create as much social impact as the Downtown Women's Center, you will have a lot to share! Information architecture is one of the many methods we use to organize large amounts of information into not only a digestible canvas that meets business requirements, contextual relevancy, but also aS a way to provide a pleasant experience that meets the audience's needs. 

Design Solution

After exploring many ideas, we decided to create a folding brochure that had enough panels for relevant information, but that was guided by beautiful photography of real DWC women and staff. The brochure unfolds and communicates the action of opening the doors to the Center. With each unfold the reader is welcomed by friendly faces accompanied with information and quotes from the residents that tell a human story. The content was broken down into a few simple categories to fit the flow of each panel: Mission and Board, How You Can Help, Housing, Programs, Financials, and Donors. 

Design Thinking

We were fortunate to have the DWC staff in our corner to create this content in a way that our design team could puzzle together for an organized and palatable experience. Design thinking is all about facilitating the creative process of flaring with ideas, and moments of focus and analytical thinking. This process can be exemplified through this project. After a brainstorm, sketches, three design iterations, and one-and-a-half copy edit rounds, the end product is an informational keepsake for donors, residents, and anyone interested in the Downtown Women's Center experience. Click here to download the report!

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