Celebrating Impact Holidays in October with Desktop Wallpaper

It's October! We'll be featuring the artwork from one of verynice's volunteers each month. The prompt was to pick a holiday(s) that inspire us to give back. This month we feature the work of Zack Forer! Download our wallpaper and celebrate the spirit of giving back with us. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Zack Forer

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 1.48.50 AM.png

Native American Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day


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Why I Give Back

I'll be honest, it's not often that I get approached to do pro bono work. Freelance is, after all, a business and how I earn a living. However, there are certain times where I feel it's necessary as an artist to give back to charitable organizations. Whether it's something small like an illustration for a calendar spreading social awareness to something larger like a mural in an inner-city community, the ultimate reward is knowing you contributed to a cause that benefits others. I know it's not much, but if I can use my artistic abilities to get a positive message across in a creative and informative way, I feel a sense of accomplishment. If I can inspire someone with my artwork or make someone feel proud or smile, it makes the experience all the more worthwhile.

Check out more of Zack's work below!