Women's Design Salon Recap

Last month, we helped each other set goals for the new year and find support in taking the next steps! verynice Women's Design Salon: Resolutions, was an unforgettable event, thanks to the women that contributed their time and talents to facilitate and attend the event.

And here's a great recap of the event by verynice Marketing & Impact Coordinator, Anna Zigmond:

After an eventful and somewhat relentless 2017, a little bit of inspiration heading into the new year felt much needed. The latest verynice Women’s Design Salon: Resolutions, lifted my spirits in a whole new way. The idea of a resolution can often seem overwhelming, but we were reminded that a resolution is really just the determination or the resolve to do something. Joined by special guest Lynda Decker, we dove into this idea covering topics on women in leadership, goal setting, and supporting ourselves and others to reach their goals in the year ahead.


The evening kicked-off in an open-discussion format that felt more like an intimate gathering of friends, rather than a structured event. Prompted by questions, everyone was encouraged to contribute to the conversation by sharing personal experiences, asking questions, or offering advice. Given our current political and social climate, it was encouraging to be surrounded by women with such a determined and optimistic outlook on change moving forward. We discussed how now more than ever, it is crucial for women to be in leadership positions. Although it’s not often the easiest journey, we can use our strength as women to encourage good behavior in the office and amongst our peers.

I was not only blown away by the experiences people shared around leadership, communication, and the perception of women in leadership positions, but I was even more inspired by the words of support and advice that were shared amongst the group to combat these issues and motivate progress. We took this energy to action with a postcard activity, where we were encouraged to “Thank someone that inspires you or write to someone who needs encouragement.” Written on custom Women’s Design Salon postcards, we were able to send this inspiration to others.

Diving into the second half of the evening, we discussed goal setting and different motivators that are unique to each individual. Lynda shared how she started her agency to prove her ex-husband wrong and wouldn’t be where she was today if she didn’t push herself out of her comfort zone. It turned into a discussion about finding what works for you and pushing yourself, even when it’s difficult. Everyone shared personal methods to setting and celebrating goals!

Words of Wisdom:

People always overestimate what they can get done in one year, but underestimate what they can get done in 10 years. Try writing down 25 resolutions and pick 5 of them to focus on at a time. Write down all the things that you’ve done, accomplished, or been through over the past years so it doesn’t feel like they just disappear. It is important to reflect on the good and the bad and celebrate those moments.

At the end of the day, most people have no problem creating resolutions but lack accountability when it comes to working towards those goals. Try different ways of staying accountable for your resolutions such as trying it at the same time as a friend or creating a system where you can write each one down and them mark them off as you go. For some people, just telling others about their resolutions keeps them accountable, because not only is it out in the universe, but their reputation is also at stake. So find what works for you and stick with it!

To visualize this conversation, everyone was prompted to write down a resolution for the new year and to set reminders to check-in on their progress. We ended up with a wall of inspirational and concrete steps for the new year----look out 2018!

Photography by Latoya Hawthorne

A very special thanks to all who contributed to the inspiration.

Our friends and partners:

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Our amazing guest speaker:

Lynda Decker, President and Creative Director of Decker Design

Our wonderful volunteers:

Latoya Hawthorne, Photographer

Alisa Olinova, Clarisa Valdez, and Anna Zigmond, Event Facilitators

Melissa Flower, Visual Recap

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