Celebrating Impact Holidays in March with Desktop Wallpaper

It's March! We'll be featuring the artwork from one of verynice's volunteers each month. The prompt was to pick a holiday(s) that inspire us to give back. This month we feature the work of Amanda Fung! Download our wallpaper and celebrate the spirit of giving back with us. 

Volunteer spotlight
Amanda Fung

Each panel in my illustration represents a different holiday in March—can you tell which one is which? The holidays are: César Chávez Day, Epilepsy Awareness Day, National Freedom of Information Day, National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, National Woman and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, and Read Across America Day (P.S. It’s not really that hard.)

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Why I give back

The past two and a half years have done little to quell that “fresh-off-the-(college)-boat” feeling when it comes to my perspective of things in the design and art world, not to mention how I approach my own work. I have been, and am still constantly at odds with myself, split between the desire to create things, yet not wanting to contribute to the pervasive consumerist culture that threatens to drown us all. (I’d say the reality of the situation warrants a bit of melodramatics.) I know that as designers and artists, we are able to merge imagination with meaningful action to reach a wide audience, so like many, I want to leave a positive impact and benefit a cause that is larger than myself. But there are times when this internal battle has crippled me to the point of simply not creating at all, and finding a good medium between these two paradoxical thoughts seems persistently elusive. As of now, I can’t say that I’ve found any semblance of the answer to such looming questions, but I do know that it’s not enough to just make things that make only myself happy. In an era of so much injustice and suffering, what better use is there for our artistic superpowers than to make things that make other people happy too?

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