How Coaching Helps Leaders Innovate

Starting or sustaining a business is never as easy as it looks and for the many entrepreneurs, solorpreneurs, and even mid to large sized organizations, it's a lonely journey. We often encounter roadblocks when faced with the task of having to innovate, or find a way to do good while creating revenue. To help your chances of success, we recommend finding a partner that can help you think beyond your immediate boundaries and serve as a sounding board to help you find your way. Here are three things having a coach can do for your business:

Exploring Possibilities and Accelerating Change

There are four ways to look at the data that can inform your business strategy. Laying out what you know, finding out what you know you don't know, validating what you think you know, and ultimately finding out what you don't know you don't know. This last category is where true innovation happens. To help explore possibilities in a meaningful and engaging way, verynice created Models of Impact, which is a toolkit and method designed to help business leaders from all industries design business models that merge impact and revenue. And while this exercise provides a valuable opportunity to ideate, many have expressed their desire to follow up and work through the hurdles they encounter. According to the Harvard Business Review, high level executives turn to a coach to develop potentials, accelerates change, and serve as a sounding board. 

Thinking about the Future

While preemptive thinking is often only seen utilized by technology startups who have no other choice but to innovate, this practice should be adopted by business leaders of all sectors. In a constantly changing landscape, preparedness is key. Preemption makes it possible. By working with a coach skilled in foresight and using materials such as our recent book, Toward a Preemptive Social Enterprise, you can consider where there may be opportunities and threats up ahead in order to take appropriate steps today. Traditionally speaking, entrepreneurship is seen as a response or reaction to a need expressed in the marketplace. However, particularly for those interested impact, there is an opportunity to create goods and services for problems on the horizon. This is where strategic foresight comes into play. How will you build for the future?  Working with a coach can help you think ahead. 

"Why save the world when you can design it?" - Serpica Naro 

Develop a Culture of Learning

Organizational response to a changing landscape requires better and faster learning by more people – particularly when faced with environments of uncertainty such as losing a major funder or looking to update your value proposition in order to stay relevant. And while surrounding yourself with the right mentors, teachers, and colleagues goes a long way in exposing you to new ideas and solutions, having someone work alongside you, providing process and expertise in a methodical way can help you tackle tough problems and overcome barriers toward the path of creating a sustainable business. Our team continuously develops these resources to help business leaders address these challenges. And starting today, you can work with a coach 1:1 as well as download every resource and toolkit in our library as part of our Models of Impact Bundle. We are eager to not only facilitate the individual's learning, but also provide the foundation for organizational learning to take place. Interested? Click below to learn more.