Trading Impact for Impact on Earth Day

Hey Earth,

Guess what! We’re offsetting half of our global warming emissions for the next 5 years. We know Earth Day is tomorrow, but we couldn’t wait to share the news! This offset will be enough to roughly cover all of the travel that we do to give presentations and work with our wonderful clients all around the world.

So how are we doing this? I’m glad you asked. Quite simply, we traded our branding services in exchange for some of our very own trees in the Congo Rainforest, one of the largest and most important in the world. Here is some context.

This past winter, we had the pleasure of working with Jadora, a company has worked since 2008 to establish strong relationships in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and create economic opportunities for protecting the rainforest rather than cutting it down. Through their Isangi REDD+ project, which protects a 334,000-hectare concession of rainforest near Kisangani, they have generated 1.3M carbon offsets. Essentially, by ensuring these that these trees remain standing means that they will continue to absorb one of the primary greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide. Jadora works to train the local community to measure just how much carbon these trees absorb so that they can sell carbon credits to companies, organizations, and academic institutions.

What we love about Jadora’s approach is that it simultaneously reduces excess emissions in the United States while increasing access to viable economic opportunities in the Congo. So when they came to us to rebrand their company we were happy to help. Since they were going through a transition after the tragic loss of their founder, it became clear that we would have to get creative about pricing the project. As a for-profit company, Jadora was not eligible for our pro-bono service, but luckily we came up with an even better solution—we traded impact for impact.

Jadora logo before (left) and after (right)

Jadora logo before (left) and after (right)

verynice redesigned Jadora’s brand and, as part of our exchange deal with them, Jadora gave us carbon offsets. This was a true collaboration where we got to lead Jadora through our design and branding process and they got to guide us in calculating our environmental footprint for 2016. We learned that the majority of our emissions come from our travel.

Our 2016 emission sources

Our 2016 emission sources

In the end, we earned 150 metric tonnes of carbon offsets in total and Jadora received a new brand and visual identity to help it build upon its past success, develop new initiatives, and live up to its name, which means “Peace in the Forest”. So in true, verynice style we’re giving half this Earth Day by offsetting 50% of our emissions over the next half decade. The other half we plan to address in a twofold manner. Directly, we will continue to reduce our footprint through energy saving efforts around the office and we’ll keep making the most of our Metro passes. Indirectly, we will continue our work to increase the impact of our environmental clients, such as Fair Trade USA, LA Conservation Corps, and Heal the Bay. Ultimately, we’re excited to be keep testing new ways of making impact, trading impact, and sharing impact.


Forever Yours,

The verynice team