Practical Insights from the F8 Facebook Conference

An array of emerging technologies were showcased at the annual Facebook F8 Conference this year that included virtual reality, augmented reality, network technologies, messenger bots, and many other exciting breakthroughs. While many of these features are still being developed, here are six things you can do today in order to leverage the latest updates to the platform. 

Grow Accustomed to Virtual Meetings 

While meeting face to face is ideal in many ways, facebook is making it easier for us to connect and interact virtually. The most anticipated update from the conference was the announcement of the new Spaces platform which allows users to meet in virtual reality and share 360º videos and photos, draw in 3D, and even take photos within the virtual environment. This might seem like a fun social media application now, but for those that look deeper, it presents a strong potential for business uses, meetings between families, and educational opportunities. 


Add a Donate Button To Your Content

You can now add a donate button to your Page header and ads to make it easy for people to donate to your organization by directing them to a website of your choice. Your nonprofit can also solicit donations directly on the platform. To accept donations directly on Facebook and add a donate button to your Page posts and live video you must be a US-based 501(c)(3) organization and verified by uploading your official documentation. 


Fundraisers are an awesome new feature that enables people to raise money for your nonprofit on Facebook. Your supporters can set up a dedicated page to share their story, tell others about your mission and rally around a fundraising goal. You could also receive distributions through the Network for Good Donor Advised Fund if you are listed in GuideStar. For example, if you are an after school program, you can encourage parents and teachers to set up crowdsourced campaigns in order to purchase new equipment and supplies. These features will be particularly helpful during the heaviest of fundraising  events such as Giving Tuesday

Try Telling Stories with 360º Video 

Facebook just unveiled incredible breakthrough technology in 360º VR cameras. However, there are now many consumer grade 360º cameras available for use with your own mobile phone. From the Ricoh Theta, to the new Girpotic camera, there are many options under $500. This exciting new medium can give your audience a new perspective on your work and allow them to interact with the content itself. Try it out! 

Enable People to Create a Fundraiser for Your Organization

Facebook Fundraisers give your constituents the opportunity to raise money for your nonprofit on Facebook. Your supporters can set up a dedicated page to share their story, tell others about your mission and rally around a fundraising goal. Similar to other crowdsourcing programs like AmazonSmile, Fundraisers at an individual level can leverage their own networks to attract new donors and contribute while they use frequently visited website. 

Add a fundraising tab to your Page:

To turn on the fundraisers tab, you need to add it to your Page.

  • Go to your Page Settings 
  • Click on Edit Page scroll to the Tabs section
  • Toggle on the Fundraisers tab.

Optimize for the Newsfeed

For most people, the facebook algorithm is somewhat of a mystery. The question is always, "how can I make sure my content is seen by the most people?" Consider the following ways facebook calculates the probability of your content being relevant to audiences.

  1. What stories have been posted by friends and publishers? This means you have to be aware of what stories are trending and what appeals most to your audience. 
  2. Who posted the story, what time, Where? facebook uses hundreds of thousands of variables when calculating these probabilities. To ensure you are doing your best in getting your story out, make sure to be aware of as many variables of relevancy to your audience. If it's outside of your network, consider using the ad targeting functions to pin point different audiences. The Insights panel will give you a lot of information such as where and what time your audience is most active. Pay attention to these metrics in order to decide how and when you post. 
  3. How likely is your audience to comment? After facebook brings together the variables mentioned, it creates a probability model. This is what determines a numerical score that eventually gives your content love on the newsfeed.