Women's Design Salon Recap

We're reflecting on our first installment of the verynice Women's Design Salon: Inspiring Action. In March, I had the pleasure of moderating this event with my co-host, Clarisa. We had our panel of experts discuss their experiences in the world of design and impact and then guests broke out into groups to get to know each other, talk about how the social climate effects us in the workplace, and how it affects our personal lives. 

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Thoughts from our Visual Recap Designer, Olivia Sy: Throughout both the panel and breakout group discussions, many mentioned the desire to uplift women creatives during these politically hectic times. As women of diverse experiences, I find it critical for us to collaborate in communicating the changes we want to see realized in our design sphere. Connecting through mutual struggle, being united in difference of skill and thought, and overall advocating the pursuit of each other's ambitions is what I felt captured the transformative spirit of the Inspiring Action Design Salon, expanding our horizon toward a more creative and feminist future.

A very special thanks to all that contributed to the inspiration.

Our friends and partners:

General Assembly Los Angeles

Our amazing panelists:

Genevieve Haines, President of Haines & Co.

Bora Shin, Design Strategy Lead of LA Mayor's Innovation Team

Jennifer May, Director of Designmatters at ArtCenter College of Design

Our wonderful volunteers:

Kate Manos, Photographer

Flo Di Sarli, Samantha Cabrera, and Isabelle Gioffredi, Group Facilitators

Olivia Sy, Visual Recap

We're excited to announce that for our next act, we'll be closing out the Los Angeles Design Festival, and boy am I looking forward to round two of this wild opportunity. Hope to see you there! Please follow WDS on Instagram to stay in the loop! Interested in getting involved with the Women's Design Salon? Please get in touch at info@verynice.co