Celebrating Impact Holidays in June with Desktop Wallpaper


Wow! Can you believe we're already halfway through 2017? We'll be featuring the artwork from one of verynice's volunteers each month. The prompt was to pick a holiday(s) that inspire us to give back. This month we feature the work of Alisa Olinova. Download our wallpaper and celebrate the spirit of giving back with us.

Volunteer Spotlight
Alisa Olinova

Did you know that June is National Adopt a Cat Month? There are 3.4 million new cats in shelters every year, but only about a third of them get adopted. Cats are adorable, hilarious, low-maintenance roommates that can lower your stress, provide companionship, and help you invent new memes!

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Why I give back

My family immigrated to the United States when I was a baby. My parents’ journey inspires me to push myself to be someone that they will be proud of, that I will be proud of. There’s a lot of different ways to define it, but for me, success is the privilege to be able to help others be successful. What compels me to give back is actually a selfish need to achieve and be fulfilled, to prove that I am successful. It’s not a requirement that I am able to give back through my work, it’s really an honor that in my current position at verynice, I get to fulfill this need while doing what I think I do best. Working with passionate, deserving, and inspiring clients, I get to use art and design to get more donations, increase awareness, and communicate their missions to more people. What a great feeling! I think we can all be more selfish and show the world what we can do as individuals to make the lives of others and the environment better. ;)