In 2008, verynice was established with a bold aspiration: to, one day, become known as the most generous design firm in the world. We're excited to let you know that our original model is evolving in an exciting way in order to allow us to accelerate our impact, and ultimately provide our services and resources to even more people. Now, our firm and leadership is not only providing traditional pro bono services, but also sliding scale fees, board service, pay-what-you-want, pro-bono marathons, open source services, traditional volunteer service, and more! As of last week, our mission has reached a new milestone. We have officially provided access to $10,000,000 worth of free and discounted resources and services to thousands of organizations and practitioners from 150+ countries!

Looking forward, we are excited to continue pushing ourselves to find new ways to help as many people as possible. Thanks so much to all who have supported us over the years. Updates to reflect this on our website, and more announcements about what to expect as we start to approach our 10 year anniversary, coming soon.

Looking for design or strategy services? Working with us directly supports our mission to help others.