verynice Volunteer Spotlight: Steve Olimpio

Since our inception, giving has always been at the core of our mission. Through our Give Half model and pro-bono movement, we’ve successfully taken on over 1,200 projects and initiatives, and donated services and resources worth over $10M.

How does a small company make such a great impact in the nonprofit world?

Our amazing network of volunteers allows us to do meaningful pro-bono work that extends across the globe. By taking on pro-bono clients, volunteers are able to collaborate with our team to create impactful work.

One of our talented volunteers is Steve Olimpio. As a multi-disciplinary designer and art director, Steve has worked at a handful of design studios, branding agencies, and creative shops in Boston and LA. With an interest in new ways that digital platforms connect designers with clients, and participating in work that matters to his personal practice, Steve found these passions intersect at verynice.

Recently, Steve worked with our team as a volunteer to design a new logo for Trade-Works that better embodies the organization’s mission of empowering individuals with real life trade skills. As the sole Founder and force behind Trade-Works, Andrea Pezzillo carried the challenge of wearing many hats within the organization. We were excited to take on this project and leave her with more time to focus on building the mission.

The logo was inspired by the company’s core values of unlocking people’s potential around the world through experts who hold the key to someone’s future. Through the iconic key and lock, we exhibit opportunity in the Trade-Works community. An evolution of the existing logo, this design showcases both the lock and the key, representing the reciprocal relationship and adventure that awaits both the mentor and mentee. The color treatment serves to highlight special pieces of the logo.

“Engaging as a volunteer is unique because it demands a personal commitment and connection to the work that paid work sometimes doesn’t. You have to believe in it.”

This authentic intention is what drives our volunteer process and creates captivating and impactful work. Our volunteer network is presently comprised of over 500 professionals around the world who team up with us on a per-project basis. These professionals from transdisciplinary backgrounds such as business, law, and engineering exemplify that there are individuals apart from designers who are drawn to verynice’s mission of giving back.

“This process has taught me to evaluate my own work more effectively-what should I be spending my creative energy on? Who can I be helping. Why do I do what I do?”

People like Steve are what makes giving back a reality at verynice. Hats off to you, Steve, and your willingness to donate your time to projects that make this world a better place! To learn more about our volunteer network, or get involved, please get in touch at