Women's Design Salon Recap

We had a blast last month at the verynice Women's Design Salon for the Los Angeles Design Festival. As the closing event for the festival, the creative energy was high, and a number of new faces joined the Salon community. Piecing together the experiences of our panelist revealed their truths, their lessons, and passions as they applied to every one of us. 

There is never a space when you aren’t collaborating or compromising or working within a framework.
— Anne Burdick
A lot of leadership and success comes from showing up and saying yes to things!
— Celina Pereira
Thanks to Amy Nadeen Wilson who created this visual recap for our event. Connect with her on  Instagram ,  Facebook , and  Twitter  ( #amydrawsstuff ).

Thanks to Amy Nadeen Wilson who created this visual recap for our event. Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (#amydrawsstuff).

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We played games to understand what a path of success looks like and discussed the perception vs. the reality. Our panelists told us what inspires them and how they keep the momentum and creativity going. We even did a group tarot reading to help us make sense of it all. Overall, we filled the room with bad-ass boss ladies with good ideas and very real aspirations. 

A very special thanks to all that contributed to the inspiration.

Our friends and partners:

Los Angeles Design Festival

Our amazing panelists:

Anne Burdick, Media Design Practices MFA Chair at Art Center

Celina Pereira, Creative Director at OSSO

Our wonderful volunteers:

Diana Molleda, Photographer

Florencia Di Sarli, Samantha Cabrera, Isabelle Gioffredi, and Samantha Becker, Group Facilitators

Amy Nadeen Wilson, Visual Recap

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