Women's Design Salon: 2019 Resolutions with Hoodzpah Design

To finish off the end of 2018, we hosted the verynice Women's Design Salon: 2019 Resolutions where we heard from Hoodzpah Design co-founders and Creative Directors, Jennifer and Amy Hood. From their beginnings hustling to get work, to their leap in launching their own business, the Hood sisters dished and delivered the details to their design success.

Lettering Illustration by   Olivia Sy    @   artreleaf

Lettering Illustration by Olivia Sy @artreleaf


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Amy and Jennifer Hood are twin sisters that have branded hundreds of businesses and worked on projects with companies like Google, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Red Bull, and Target. When they're not branding the pants off the world, the Hoods are designing typefaces (including Palm Canyon Drive and Beale), or managing their goods line of posters, prints and pins called Odds and Sods.

Our hosts Alisa and Clarisa discussed various topics, such as "How does someone decipher between dreams and tangible options?", and "How do you integrate or balance your passions with your career?" along with a fun ice breaker question about their 2019 spirit animals. There’s a lot we can learn from both cats and dogs. Full of charisma and great advice, Jennifer and Amy Hood described further how they evolved their methods and business such as networking through Twitter, how their core team is primarily working remotely most of the time, and their personal rituals into getting into the zone. Attendees were able to jump in to share similar experiences and curiosities with the guests.

I really like what they said about finding a hobby even though you’re not that good at it. You can find inspiration anywhere and it definitely keeps you on your toes. You’re capable of spinning certain disadvantages into positive aspects in your career.
— January Roan, attendee

Most recently, the Hoods became published authors, releasing their book “Freelance, and Business, and Stuff: A Guide for Creatives” on the the ins and outs of pricing, pitching, getting clients, contracts, and everything in between. Currently you can find the Hoods traveling on their #FABAS Fall Workshop Tour based on the book, which will be stopping through LA in January in conjunction with verynice! Check us out at our next event with Hoodzpah! Sign up now because seats are limited!

A very special thanks to all that contributed to the inspiration.

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Seven years ago if you didn’t have a degree no one would hire you, so we decided to hire ourselves because we knew we had the talent but no one would give us the opportunity.
— Amy Hood

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