Celebrating Impact Holidays in August with Desktop Wallpaper

It's August! We'll be featuring the artwork from one of verynice's volunteers each month. The prompt was to pick a holiday(s) that inspire us to give back. This month we feature the work of Roxy Morataya! Download our wallpaper and celebrate the spirit of giving back with us. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Roxy Morataya

I choose to utilize which qualities I thought were the best of each of these holidays in August, specifically the holidays, National Women's Equality Day, National Minority Donor Awareness Day and Purple Heart Day. My illustration celebrates the often proven but disregarded fact that there are millions of women, women of color, out in the world everyday making a difference. As a Latin American woman and an artist, I believe that if there is more art of positive and inclusive imagery of women of color, it will not only reflect our reality, but it will inspire women everywhere to find fulfillment in any walk of life. 



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Why I Give Back

What made me want to contribute to this project was its unique take on calendar design. By asking a variety of talented artists to create artwork celebrating holidays that put the focus on remembrance, fighting injustice and equality, it takes a calendar's typical focus off of the often commercialized holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. This uniqueness, plus the goals on this calendar and this company, is what made me want to contribute artwork.

My wanting to give back comes from my upbringing. Being a Mexican and Salvadoran American woman, and a part of a working class family, I was always taught to be thankful for what I have, to work hard, and to always stand up for yourself and your beliefs. I believe in being a fighter and an ally of fairness and justice for those who have been marginalized, abused or shamed simply for the color of their skin, body type, gender identity or sexual preference, and physical or mental ailments. I constantly strive to show representation of human beings who don't fit into the pale, thin, blue-eyed, monstrous mold that is still constantly portrayed as the only acceptable beauty standard. Even people who posses these traits fit into that mold. Anytime I can utilize my talent towards a good cause, even when it's for free, I try to make time for it. Those who have been able to work hard for their artistic ability as I have, should follow suit.

Check out more of Roxy's work below!

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