verynice Volunteer Spotlight: Aldis Ozolins

At verynice, we’re proud to have an incredible network of 500+ volunteers dedicating their time and diverse skills to pro-bono projects as a part of our Give Half model and pro-bono movement. By taking on pro-bono and collaborating with our team, volunteers are able to create meaningful and impactful work for thousands of organizations across the globe.

Meet Aldis Ozolins, one of verynice’s talented volunteers helping nonprofit’s visions come to reality. We wanted to get to know a little more about his perspective as a volunteer and recent experience working pro-bono.

Hi Aldis! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up knowing I’d always be in the creative arts. I was fortunate to have a very supportive family who fostered my creative inclinations. I attended Art Center College of Design for my undergrad in graphic design. After school I spent some time freelancing at Troika, TBWA/Chiat Day, and LA  Outpost before finally landing at Google. I’ve spent the past four years working with clients such as Nissan, Disney, Warner Brothers, and Lowes. I recently joined the Area 120 team at Google to develop an experimental product.

Was there an aspect of the project, client or mission that inspired you to volunteer?

I’ve always loved music so volunteering for this project was a natural fit. The integrated nature of Austin Civic Orchestra into the community was really inspirational for me. I’m a big believer in the public necessity of making the arts accessible to everyone.


Can you touch on your volunteer experience and project(s) you worked on?

I first Met Matt Manos in Art Center and have always been inspired by everything verynice does. verynice has been the catalyst for a lot of my volunteer experiences. One of my favorite collaborations with verynice was the side project I worked on at Google for the non-profit Billion Acts of Peace. The challenge was to rebrand the organization including rebuilding their website.


How does engaging as a volunteer differ from your other work experience?

To me volunteering changes my relationship to the work. Because there is no money involved, I feel an even greater responsibility not just to the project but also to fulfill my needs as a creative. Working with a community of volunteers always feels extra rewarding since you know everyone is there because they believe in the project. Additionally I’ve noticed collaborating with organizations on a volunteer basis often affords me more creative freedom.

In what ways has the volunteer process helped to shape your work and the projects you take on?

I would say it’s given me a broader sense of just how many places, people and organizations can be positively affected by good design. The volunteer process has made me see value in the projects I take on in a very different light, I put an even greater stock in the values and goals of the organizations I work with. 

To learn more about our volunteer network, or get involved, please get in touch!