Welcome to the team, Anders Tse!

We're so excited to welcome an incredible new Strategist to the verynice family, Anders Tse! In this welcome interview we learn about his love of food, education, and all things design.

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Hey there! Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a multidisciplinary design strategist on a mission to helping brands and organizations unlock the magic of design to shape a better world. My favorite design tools are Post-Its and collaborative teammates. It all started with a class at Cornell’s business school called “The Art of Innovation: A Design Thinking Immersion”, where a Stanford d.school coach taught us the value of empathy in business, ethnographic research methods, and rapid prototyping using fun materials like pipe cleaners and foil. Experiencing this human-centered approach to problem solving was so exciting to me that it influenced my decision to switch career paths from human resources to design strategy. After getting my Master’s in Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell, I spent two years in New York as a strategist co-creating solutions in space planning, service design, and organizational design with higher education and cultural institutions. Now I am back in my native city of Los Angeles, delighted to be part of the verynice family and give back to my community through design.

What are you most excited about for your new role?

I have two things! First, I’m most excited about being in a position where I get to partner with passionate, mission-driven organizations to create authentic brand experiences, tell their stories effectively, and expand their capacity for impact. Second and last, I’m fascinated by the evolution of design strategy as a discipline and I’m excited to collaborate with a smart, tight-knit team on imagining what strategy at verynice and in the broader design industry will look like in the future.

What is your favorite social cause?

My favorite social cause is education, which is near and dear to me. I am a first generation college student and recognize my privilege in having the support networks and opportunities in place to get me through to graduation. As a country, I believe there is more work to do in designing education systems, both K-12 and higher education, that are equitable and inclusive of current and aspiring students from all walks of life. It’s encouraging to see the emergence of non-profits and social enterprises tackle various components of education in service of fostering environments that give every student an opportunity to succeed, from tutoring to hunger assistance programs.

What passions and interests do you have outside of work?

I feel alive when I am surrounded by mountains and lakes, so I’m grateful to be back in California and hike throughout the year. I’m always open to discovering contemporary artists that have a provocative point of view and tackle important social issues, so you’ll be sure to catch me at major art museums in Downtown and small local galleries. Lastly, I am passionate about experiencing and learning about the intersection of food and culture, so I’m looking forward to exploring the diversity of Los Angeles’ food scene and trying new cuisines in my travels.