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verynice + USGBC-LA Call for Artist Volunteers

The Background:

At the end of each year, USGBC-LA holds its largest fundraiser and social event—the Annual Green Gala—to celebrate a year of achievements in the local green building movement. USGBC-LA’s 10th Annual Green Gala will take place on November 13, 2014 at AVALON Hollywood. The gala will recognize the leaders in the green building industry with USGBC-LA’s 4th Annual Sustainable Innovation Awards  and will feature live cirque performances by SkyFire ( ) showcasing aerial acrobatics, fire dancing, gymnastics, stilt-walking, and performers wielding arcs of electricity from a 10’ tall Tesla Coil.

As part of this special celebration, USGBC-LA has enlisted verynice to select three (3) volunteer Los Angeles-based artists or art collaboratives to each design and construct a sculptural installation for exhibition on the evening of the Green Gala!



The chosen artists will create these sculptural installations by sourcing materials from Interior Removal Specialist, Inc. (“IRS, Inc.”), a full-service tenant improvement demolition company which has been a pioneer in recycling much of the deceptively toxic items and materials generated in commercial demolition jobs. IRS, Inc. finds a second life for many of the common furnishings, equipment and fixtures that are left behind in commercial properties slated for demolition or remodeling. IRS, Inc.’s warehouse—located approximately twenty minutes southeast of downtown Los Angeles—contains a treasure trove of salvaged materials and goods that it has generously opened up to us. These donated items will serve as the raw materials for artistic interpretation and inspiration. In addition, artists will each be provided with a small stipend to purchase outside materials (paints, hardware, etc) not found in the warehouse. All other time and labor costs of the artists will be on a volunteer basis. It is anticipated that future opportunities may exist for these completed sculptural pieces to be displayed in and around the Greater Los Angeles area after the Green Gala event.

The verynice team toured IRS, Inc.’s warehouse in September and took snapshots of its vast contents []. As the warehouse’s inventory regularly changes, the items pictured are not guaranteed to be available when the selected artists visit for materials-gathering, but they are representative of the types and kinds of pieces one may expect to find: doors, door frames, glass, wood, wires, electronic waste, lamps, chairs, tiles, pipes, fixtures, cabinets, desks, and an array of unique one-offs.



The Prompt:

Millions of square feet of offices, schools, conference rooms, lobbies, and more are demolished each year in Los Angeles. IRS, Inc.’s warehouse is piled high with items destined to otherwise become buried in a rubbish heap had they not been "rescued" for reuse. In collaboration with the USGBC-LA, verynice is interested in exploring how artists can take advantage of the trace that these buildings leave behind in order to invent something completely new. Using remnants of past spaces that sit on the threshold of beauty and decay, we invite our community to help us create a series of three sculptural artifacts that present a narrative of resurrection and sustainability. What might future archeologists make of our 20th/21st century civilization when they unearth our forgotten landfills and fallen buildings, and what stories or narratives might the warehouse pieces be repurposed to tell? How can these sculptures serve as a message to our future selves about collaboration, sustainability, and reusability through modern waste?



Interested in becoming an artist volunteer? Click here for more project details and application instructions!

Artistic Routines

Do you do a certain thing everyday? No, brushing your teeth and feeding your goldfish don’t count, although they’re both pretty important. We’re talking about doing something — with deliberation, dedication, and dazzling determination. If your answer was ‘no’, fear not, because doing the same thing every single day is harder than it seems.

But it's not impossible. Many have found a way to meld their passions into their daily routine, and the results are simply splendid. While Kate Bingaman-burt drew objects she purchased each day, Shweta Malhotra just wants to share something cool with us everyday. Just because they can.

Summertime is the perfect starting point to begin a do-something-everyday journey. We're doing it, are you?

Monday Muse

The colorful "Tallest Heights" by Becky & Joe (music by Delicate Steve) is part of a series presented by the Lincoln Motor Company that asks film makers to reimagine the familiar into something fresh and new.

What to love about it:

  • Big business supporting the arts community
  • The synesthetic experience--It feels like you're hearing colors and watching music
  • This is a unique drawn-on-film process that uses a combination of ink, paint, bleach and scratching into different film sizes

It's the perfect inspiration for us to come up with some fun, creative and beautiful solutions this week at verynice.

Alisavideo, art
Delightful Tiny Art Machines

We love when people think out of the box— and we love whimsical art with lot of color. Enter Echo Yang: designer, artist, McGuyver of automated art.

Using various machines (ranging from kitchen tools to wind-up toys of yore), Echo creates amazing works of unpredictable art. The videos of the process really compliment (if not enhance) the finished product; the tin bird dotting with a q-tip is mesmerizing and adorable.

Katewhimsy, art