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verynice Field Trip: Arts District Graffiti & Mural Walk

Last Friday, the verynice team took a two and half mile guided tour through our neighborhood, the Arts District in Downtown LA. It was amazing hearing the stories of art we see every day, and finding new, secret and forgotten art all over the place.

We asked our visiting interns from South Korea's Seoul Institute of the Arts, Lucy and Joo Yeon, to create some art using the photos we took on the tour. We've also asked the team to share what the most interesting thing they learned from the tour, those are featured below.

Charlie Charlie, by Lucy

Charlie Charlie, by Lucy

I was sad to hear that some of the the female artists were having their work targeted by vandalism, but super excited that some of my favorite pieces were made by women.
— Alisa
My favorite part of the tour was the backstories on the artwork that I take advantage of every day, walking the dog or having a beer at Angel City Brewery. There’s so much street art all over our little neighborhood, it’s easy to forget how lucky we are!
— Kate
Farewell, by Joo Yeon

Farewell, by Joo Yeon

I found it so inspiring that artists from all over the world with eclectic backgrounds helped shape the arts district become what it is. I also got a sense of respect between artists that majority of the pieces were not tagged or defaced.
— Clarisa
I was fascinated to learn about the culture of local street artists, and how there is a sense of credibility that needs to be earned in order to be “allowed” to paint on a given walls. Primarily this history circled the group UTI. Also interesting is the UTI group’s evolution from a more dark personality to one that is celebrated by civic leaders.
— Matt
When I commute to Downtown, I see a lot of graffiti murals— I could tell it was high quality work. The tour was a good time to see a lot more art, and learn. It was great day!
— Joo Yeon
Brain, by Joo Yeon

Brain, by Joo Yeon

I was so interested in everything. Everything was so unique and delicate. Also, the styles were not seen in Korea. Unforgettable day!
— Lucy
Super Charlie! by Lucy

Super Charlie! by Lucy

I really like the fact that there is a ton of art that I never really noticed. Especially all the telephone pole pieces that little old man from Up is doing.
— Kraig
It was amazing to see large-scale mural art and the most subtle of marks on the side of the road share similar purposes marking a history filled with enormity. Every seemingly accidental and purposeful mark I cross as I walk these streets for the next few months will definitely spark my curiosity.
— Jon