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Second Shift is verynice

Happy pro bono week, everyone! Today, we'd like to celebrate by highlighting Second Shift, a fellow #givehalf company! Second Shift creates campaigns and initiatives through collaborative branding, content creation, digital media, and growth strategy. They are committed to supporting small business growth, "disrupting the status quo and rewriting the rules of ‘business as usual.'"

Not only were we so excited to hear about Second Shift's 50% pro bono commitment, we're also pumped about the great work they're doing. That's why we chatted with Founder, Samantha Cole, to hear more about Second Shift's philosophy and how their #givehalf initiative is going so far… 

Hi, Samantha!

Second Shift is doing some awesome work in the design and small business world! Can you tell us about your "human first" philosophy?
Our messaging, whether it be design, social media engagement, or new content, simply won't work if it does not connect and shift the human on the other end. It is so easy for people to become disconnected in this overly connected world. We forget there is a pulse on the other side of the screen. 

So, what's up with your whole "breaking the status quo" thing?
Status quo means going along with the popular way of doing something. It is living from a place of "good enough". In advertising, status quo can mean greed, capitalism, and the desire for wealth. We are in a constant state of wanting more of everything, getting bigger dollar clients, and increasing the bottom line. 

Second Shift is disrupting the status quo in the creative agency space by committing to transparency, providing project based campaigns and projects (instead of retainers), and maintaining a 50% pro bono workload. We are giving "Second Shifter's" a vetted space to find solid projects to work on to help increase their income and practice their trade. We are giving volunteers and interns a place to contribute to great causes while building their portfolio. We are assisting our paying clients in their own #givehalf, which is great for everyone!  

We believe that organic growth marketing and storytelling is how great businesses are built and loyal customers are retained. We believe in partnerships and collaborations. Our goal is not to work with everyone who needs what we have, but with those who believe what we believe.  These standards are not currently the status quo in advertising. But joining forces with organizations and causes such as and B Corp are all steps in the right direction. 

We were thrilled to hear you're using the #givehalf model! Why Give Half? 
Like verynice, we believe that nonprofits should be spending their resources on the important stuff with hard costs— not getting people to pay attention to their cause. We want to help these compassionate organizations with their movements, meanwhile providing real world experience for interns and volunteers who want to practice their trade and build their portfolios.

How has using the #givehalf model impacted your business? 
We're still new. So far, the impact of our #givehalf has been about the story. And I think shock. I don't think that people will believe that we are going to pull this off. Our hope is that businesses who are already needing the types of services we offer will want to work with us, choosing to support the bigger picture of our impact. 


We're so inspired by #givehalf companies like Second Shift. See what the movement is all about and download your copy of Give Half 2.0 here



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