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Be a Design Conscious Copy Cat

Funny title to this blog post but the sentiment is there. If you are writing body copy for something that will eventually be published, it's to your benefit to understand how the message can be best communicated once it's in the hands of your graphic designer. Think of a written page as a meal, it should look delicious and inciting even before you taste it. Getting to this point, the marriage of words and design to communicate a message, is what we call typography

Pages from Toward a Preemptive Social Enterprise | Designer: Kate Manos

Pages from Toward a Preemptive Social Enterprise | Designer: Kate Manos

Great published material happens when writers and designers are in sync. That means adhering to an agile, yet realistic timeline of deliverables, and plenty of communication up front to avoid costly revisions and overhead expenses in later phases. The best thing to do is to have a solid brief that outlines all success criteria in addition to having a healthy regard for the reading experience. 

Here are a few questions to consider when writing for something that will be handed off to a designer:

  1. What is the profile of the primary audience? Who are they? What makes them tick? 
  2. What approach should you take to communicate to this audience?
  3. Why will this audience be interested?
  4. Who will have to approve final copy? Will they also approve design?

Pro Tip For Copywriters:
Let your ideas flow. Accept that most of them will be half baked at first and when you come to a stopping point, take a look at your core message, audience profile, and business objectives to see if they meet the criteria. What is the overall benefit you are trying to focus on? Make sure that your written words actually work toward your goals. And remember that (I love saying this) you cannot be creative and critical at the same time. Separate those two phases and respect the mindset within each of them. Allow yourself to flare with ideas before thinking critically about what you have. That's how creativity works!