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A Two-Week Sprint (UX-Style) with SILVERWING

When we say, sprint, we're not talking about a half marathon. Instead, this is a two-week process in which verynice works with a client to develop and test a concept for a digital product. For this sprint, we worked with SILVERWING— a sleek and innovative online service for reserving jets that aims to disrupt the private jet industry model. 

Over an intensive two-week sprint, verynice worked with SILVERWING to create a comprehensive UX design and product development strategy for their startup. From pencil sketches to a room full of whiteboard insanity to a streamlined set of clickable prototypes, every move was measured and calculated through a series of user studies that introduced the product to a curated group of individuals for feedback to inspire a series of product iterations.

Some say this process is too intense and should be done over a longer period of time— but we live for this kind of thing at verynice. After all was said and done, we were curious to see if the creators of SILVERWING share our love for our unique product development format. So, we asked CEO Devyn Silverstein to give us some some info on the SILVERWING brand and tell us what he thought of the process. 

Hi, Devyn! Tell us a little about SILVERWING. How is it different from traditional private jet services?
SILVERWING is putting together an online marketplace to charter private jets, the likes of which currently do not exist. Anyone can go online and use Priceline,, etc. to book an airline ticket, but the current booking process for a private plane is complicated and inconvenient. Currently the charter industry is run by brokers, and very little is done online. We're aiming to pioneer a platform that users will love, which will also benefit aircraft operators, and create a winning brand for the private jet charter market. 

What's your favorite part of the two-week UX intensive process? 
I love to build things and see how they are made. That said, I have never seen the inner-workings of a website, nor have I seen one get designed from the ground up. It was fascinating to see that something as technical and futuristic as a website, still begins with pen & paper. 

What finding from the intensive was the most surprising?
General arrangement and layout changes, mostly. As someone who considers himself to be visually inclined, it was surprising to see some of the suggested design changes that happened during the user testing rounds. 

So… what's next for SILVERWING? 
Next for SILVERWING is the design phase, where the verynice team will really work their magic. I'll be posting progress on my Instagram,  @MrSILVERWING.  The future for SILVERWING is bright. Check us out in a few months at 


We'll keep you posted with future SILVERWING updates— including the launch of their site. Whether you're a private jet user (we wish!) or just someone who appreciates a sleek-looking site, you'll dig it either way.

verynice Client, Citizen Engagement Laboratory, Launches New Initiative

Climate Relief Fund, is an intitiative of the Citizen Engagement Laboratory’s (CEL) Climate Lab, which aims to push political and cultural response to climate change. CEL believes that communities affected by natural disasters not only need support but also a voice. The severity and frequency with which climate disasters occur is increasing dramatically— and climate change is the culprit. Their new initiative, Climate Relief Fund, attacks the issue in two ways: raising funds to help communities affected by climate disasters recover and showing the public how these disasters are linked to climate change. They are the only disaster relief fund that uses 100% of their donations to fund their mission. 

This is the first of a series of collaborations between verynice and CEL. We were honored to create a brand strategy and identity design for Climate Relief Fund. In our collaboration, both CEL and verynice wanted to achieve an action-oriented feel. Our idea was to convey the message that funding and leadership go hand-in-hand with grassroots endeavors. It is important not only to attack the issue of climate change by lending a hand to the supporting organizations, but also by raising awareness many of the issues we are facing are avoidable with the right outlook and planning. For this reason, we decided to position Climate Relief Fund’s design direction between trends commonly found in the political campaign space as well as the charitable campaign space. 

One of our favorite parts of the project was developing an identity that serves as a metaphor for connectivity and strength. The finished product is a logo that captures this perspective and will allow the campaign to begin with a powerful and distinctive character. 


verynice credits

Creative Direction: Matthew Manos
Design: Kate Slovin, Alisa Olinova
Project Management: Cindy Hammond


This project was the first in a series of collaborations between verynice and CEL. Stay tuned for future announcements from this partnership and check out CEL's inspiring and powerful new initiative, Climate Relief Fund



verynice Client, Fifth Dimension, Launches Website

"Creating an atmosphere of acceptance and love our interactions become an exchange of energy with all living beings sharing our planet Earth."  —Fifth Dimension

Based in Los Angeles, Fifth Dimension is a yoga lifestyle clothing company committed to creating gorgeous (and comfortable!) clothing that is sustainable and organic. Working with local manufacturers allows Fifth Dimension to amplify their sustainability efforts by supporting the local economy and reducing their carbon footprint.  Fifth Dimension is the creation of Carla Teran, entrepreneur, designer, and certified Kundalini yoga and Pilates instructor. Teran created Fifth Dimension to reflect the yogic principles of living healthfully and with unconditional love and compassion.

verynice was honored to create Fifth Dimension's website. We aimed to find a minimal and unique way to curate their product while maintaining the soft, feminine feel of the brand. A light, earthy color scheme with minimal UI design helped us achieve this. In place of a traditional grid, our design team created an innovative structure for Fifth Dimension's shop; it uses a mixed scale grid to feature products and maximize users’ ability to sort through categories. This added a fresh and unconventional look to the page. verynice also provided site photography direction.

A world traveler, Teran has a stunning collection of unique pieces from her adventures. The site’s Around the World section curates some of these amazing pieces and provides an interesting way to promote the brand's culture. It’s one of the verynice team’s favorite sections on the site!

verynice credits

Creative Direction: Bora Shin
Account Management: Cindy Hammond
Design: Kate Hynes

Fifth Dimension and verynice value sustainability, healthy living, and kindness (to nature and ourselves). Fifth Dimension's first collection is a beautiful example of how your clothing can embody these values too!