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Our Volunteers Know How to #beverynice

Since it’s inception, verynice has donated over $1.5MM in pro bono services. So… how does a small company make a big impact in the nonprofit space with pro bono? In our case, it’s by leveraging a network of over 350 incredible and talented volunteers. These amazing individuals make up our #beverynice initiative to impact the nonoprofit space through volunteer power.

As we approach the month of Thanksgiving, we want to give our biggest THANKS to all of our volunteers. These individuals comprise a global network of both professionals and skilled amateurs with a desire to amplify the impact of our global nonprofit sector— and change the world in the process. You might say they know how to #beverynice (see what we did there?)

In an effort to connect our volunteers with one another and show off their wonderful work to our community, were launching our #beverynice volunteers campaign. Throughout the month of November, our volunteers will be getting the word out by posting #beverynice photos across social media. Whats in a #beverynice photo? So glad you asked! It contains 1) a sweet location, 2) a #beverynice sticker, and 3) is potentially a selfie (encouraged but not required).  

Are YOU a verynice volunteer? Heres how you can jump into this campaign:

  1. Sign up to get your supplies.
  2. Find yourself in an interesting location.
  3. Hold up your sticker and snap a pic with your location, your sticker, and maybe yourself (as previously mentioned, selfies are encouraged).
  4. Post your pic. Tell us where you are, tag verynice, and be sure to use #beverynice. 
  5. Look out! Well be reposting our favorites throughout the month of November!

We'll be sending you your stickers very soon! Havent signed up to get a sticker yet? Sign up here: