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Meet Victoria: veryniceLA’s Volunteer in Residence

Hello! I’m so excited to be joining veryniceLA as the new Volunteer in Residence! As opposed to going through the first week interview wringer, I’m just gonna leave some fun facts below about what brought me to verynice!

verynice: I’ve been interested in working in a space where creativity meets social impact ever since I graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2013 with a degree in Sociology. A friend of mine who works at The Downtown Women’s Center wrote a post about their collaboration with verynice and BOOM, my mind was blown. I’m really excited to be working with Renae in marketing and I can’t wait to learn more about the opportunities that the social enterprise field creates.

Social impact + Creativity: Throughout college I had the opportunity to coordinate and lead international service learning trips focused on a variety of social challenges ranging from women and girls issues, to international development, and food justice/sustainability. After graduating, I knew I wanted to be in a creative atmosphere where I could surround myself with likeminded people and inspire social change in my work.

Interests: I am an ENFJ personality type, I grew up on the east coast, and I love traveling. Favorite countries I’ve visited so far would be: Spain, Turkey, and New Zealand. I’m really into ramen right now. I enjoy making goofy greeting cards, doing yoga, watching improv comedy, and exploring all of LA’s hidden gems.

You can catch me writing and developing some new columns here on the blog as well as curating content for our Facebook page. I’ll also be working on some exciting side projects so keep an eye out! 

Be verynice with Ashoka's Catapult

As you’ve probably guessed, civic innovation is one of our favorite topics at verynice. We’re all about empowering ourselves and others to activate social change— both locally and globally. That’s why we couldn’t have been more excited to get involved with Ashoka and their awesome Catapult program.

Ashoka is the largest global network of social entrepreneurs and platform for those looking to change the world. Their Youth Venture, a network of young social entrepreneurs across the world, aims to support a generation of youth in developing the leadership skills they need to activate positive social change in their communities— now and throughout their careers. This program exists in 23 countries and has invested in and supported over 250,000 young people in their social ventures.

Last year, Ashoka launched their Catapult program, which condenses the support and mentorship from their Youth Venture into an intensive, four-month startup incubator. It provides participants with an immersive experience during which they must build, pitch, fund, and launch a venture. Their support comes from three weekend sessions on college campuses around the US and weekly virtual meetings with their team’s corporate and MBA advisors. Last year’s inaugural program helped 33 youth from around the world to develop and scale 8 enterprises, generating over $100K to date.  

Sounds like our cup of tea, right? Exactly right: verynice will be at three of the four campuses on next month’s launch dates to mentor student groups in building a brand for their startup. That includes the Stanford University, Harvard University, and University of Pennsylvania. We’re looking for volunteers in SF, Boston, and PA who will participate in leading a one-day brand workshop for Ashoka’s Catapult students.

If you're interested in joining our volunteer team for Ashoka's Catapult launch, here's what we're looking for and what you can expect:

What to expect:

  • You will facilitate an in-person branding workshop in each host university where Ashoka’s Catapult will take place. That means, you’ll need to physically be present at: Standford, Harvard, or the University of Pennsylvania.
  • We are recruiting 6 volunteers in each state.
  • verynice will provide a workshop curriculum you can use as a guide.

We are looking for:

  • Design rockstars who are awesome at branding, logo/identity systems, and brand story telling.
  • Someone with a strong graphic design background who wants to inspire young entrepreneurs support them in building a brand for their new startup.
  • Product/business development knowledge is a plus.


Please send your resume and 3 relevant portfolio pieces to