Austin Civic Orchestra

Rediscovering sound through branding and web design.

Design Strategy
Visual Communication

At verynice, we’re dedicated to giving and inspiring others to give back by providing pro bono and sliding scale rate services to nonprofits. Through this business model, we are able to offset the design and marketing costs for organizations looking to achieve their goals entirely. A great deal of this work is made possible through our network of 500+ dedicated volunteers who give their time and talents to support these hardworking non-profits around the world.

verynice partnered with Austin Civic Orchestra (ACO) to help them develop a comprehensive brand, which included a new identity and website design. We are always excited to jump on board and work alongside our clients long-term to bring their vision to life.

Identity Design

ACO approached us because they felt their visual identity was too narrow, showcasing only one instrument, and neglected to convey the unique traits ACO embodies such as friendliness and accessibility. The disconnect between the personality of the orchestra and the current logo hindered the relationship with orchestra members and its ability to attract the orchestra’s intended target audiences-youth and families. At the end of this project, ACO aimed to rediscover and redefine its identity to capture the spirit of the orchestra both for its members and its customers.

verynice was thrilled to be able to take on this project for ACO as a 100% pro bono client. To get started, we reached out to our network of volunteers to find a compatible volunteer, whose skills and passions aligned with the project at hand. To enable each volunteer to have fun during the process, our team helps set up direction and provides continued guidance throughout the project. The volunteers then use our tried and true process, along with the necessary tools and resources we provide, to complete the project. Aldis Ozolins, a verynice veteran volunteer and current Design Lead at Google, partnered up with our team to develop a new identity for ACO.

The design of the new logo focused on creating a more representative identity for the entire orchestra by using sound waves and musical tempos as the basis of the design. ACO’s versatile, dynamic, and mobile nature was captured with a modular identity, incorporating different color and pattern applications for different scenarios. Overall, the new identity is also intended to be more friendly and accessible to attract their target audience.

Website Design

To build upon their new identity, ACO sought the creation of a new website design. verynice worked with Jennifer de la Fuente, USC professor, and freelance web developer, to execute this redesign as a sliding scale project.

Apart from needing to update the design to fit the new brand, ACO also wanted to rethink how they organized the information on their site so it was targeted and easy to navigate for their target users. From a content management standpoint, their old website was also difficult to manage and update for the team. Our team took these challenges to heart and worked from both a strategy and design perspective to create a new website that was simple to navigate, contained all relevant information for the various defined user groups, and more intuitive for the team to update moving forward. Our developer also provided a detailed instruction manual and training to help the team transition to using their new website.

ACO’s modular identity and welcoming personality was brought to life in the website design. Layers showcase different waving patterns in the backgrounds and elements, soft gradients shift to highlight information, and clean open white space create a dynamic and friendly, but sophisticated tone throughout the site. This is echoed by the typefaces that accompany the logo and brand elements; a suave serif for body copy and large headlines mixing with a bold friendly sans serif for titles and labels.


We hope these designs continue to serve as engaging tools for ACO in conveying its unique identity and in cultivating lasting relationships with audiences in years to come. If you’re in Austin, be sure to add an ACO concert to your itinerary! Visit their new website for performance details.


Creative Direction:
Matthew Manos

Art Direction:
Alisa Olinova

Graphic Design:
Aldis Ozolins
Alisa Olinova
Olivia Sy
Chrystal Li
Chenoa Cressey

Design Strategy:
Marlon Fuentes
Shane Chase

Project Management:
Florencia Di Sarli

Jenn de la Fuente


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