Billion Acts

A Nobel Peace Prize-nominated product to engage one billion of people in an act of peace.

Design Strategy
Digital Product Design


At verynice, we’re on a mission to inspire and support companies in incorporating pro bono into their business models. We aim to spread awareness of the benefits that pro bono can provide to both the practitioner and the recipient as well as the impact it can have on communities, both local and global. About one year ago, we had the opportunity to work with a client who could demonstrate the affects of pro bono on a major scale: Google— in a project that is currently nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.





verynice knows the nonprofit world from many different perspectives; this knowledge has helped shape our interactions with PeaceJam, and the many nonprofits we engage with. Additionally, verynice has implemented a user focused research and feedback loop to our development process that’s helped to quickly gain and implement validated findings.

– Jay Castro, Google




Google had partnered with a nonprofit called PeaceJam for their initiative, Billion Acts, to provide pro bono support. Led by Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, Billion Acts aims to inspire individuals across the world to perform acts of peace in 10 key focus areas, which include protecting the environment, advancing women, and alleviating poverty. Google’s role was to build a brand and digital platform that would allow Billion Acts to become a global movement.



So, where does verynice enter the picture? Google asked our Founder, Matthew, to join their Billion Acts team to lead brand strategy and serve as an advisor for usability testing, marketing, and product development for the Billion Acts platform. While Google brings all the expertise, efficiency, and staffing of a global technology giant, verynice brings something different to the table: a wealth of experience creating effective brand and product strategies for non-profit organizations, and leadership in the management of pro bono client relationships.  


I’ve always had the desire to work on projects that give back. But it wasn’t until I met Matthew and began collaborating with verynice that I discovered pro bono work doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive from what I do for a living.

– Aldis Ozolins, Google





Brand Strategy:
Matthew Manos

Art Direction & Design:
Aldis Ozolins

Bruno Hohmann

Product Strategy:
Chantrelle Johanson

User Experience Design:
Yuan Chen

Product Advisor:
Matthew Manos

User Research:
Kate Manos, Elana Hubert, Cindy Hammond

Renae Getlin

Project Management:
Lizzy Rewalt, Jay Ciro

Will Horn


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