Activating a global network of designers to help launch youth startups.

Visual Communication

At verynice, design thinking informs the way we problem solve in all areas of our work; it’s at the core of our practices, whether we’re advising on business strategy or forming a brand identity. We do this not only because it improves the outcome of our work, but also because our clients find takeaways to add to their own practices. When we interact with clients who are unfamiliar with design and its processes, part of our responsibility is to show them why good design matters and how it can make a difference in all areas of business. Spreading the word is how we can make what we do sustainable— although we know that true sustainability comes from sharing our knowledge with the next generation, so they can not only do what we do, but value what we value.



That’s why we were thrilled to partner with Catapult, a program initially launched by Ashoka that provides aspiring young entrepreneurs with the skills and mentorship they need to develop their start up ideas. Through an intensive, four-month startup incubator, Catapult provides participants with an immersive experience during which they must build, pitch, fund, and launch a venture. Their support comes from three sessions that take place across the US and weekly virtual meetings with their team’s professional advisors. verynice was proud to partner with Catapult in order to support the students’ design and strategy needs through instruction and mentorship.

Through a series of six sessions, verynice volunteers take Catapult entrepreneurs through the visual design process. We also worked on strategy with participants, providing instruction on business plans and an overview of other strategy pieces such as user experience design to help take them through the start up phase of their companies.  



In addition to our work on the ground with the Catapult partnership, we have also worked with the Catapult organization in order to clarify their visual identity and communicate their unique process through infographic design.



Here are some samples to demonstrate our branding work. Over the course of our partnership, we have been able to activate dozens of our volunteers from around the world in order to help launch over 30 student-founded businesses. We supported each team in creating their logos, business cards, and introductory pages to their presentation decks. You can find a one of the presentation decks by Ripple right here.

static1.squarespace static1.squarespace-1


We couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome of this partnership. The entrepreneurs we worked with were exposed not only to many parts of the design process, but also to some of the different ways that good design can shape a business— especially in its early stages. By turning their ideas into engaging, dynamic brands, they were able to see that design is at the core of a business’s identity and can also help shape its future. We were pleased to hear that Catapult program leader, Joshua Collins, expressed an equally positive view of our partnership.



Catapult relies heavily on unique partnerships to build and develop the ecosystem necessary to support our students and their ideas. The support of verynice over the past six months, and the commitment of verynice volunteers, has been nothing short of outstanding— and critical to our ability to truly develop the next generation of entrepreneurs.



Partnership Co-Lead (2015):
Bora Shin

Partnership Co-Lead (2016+):
Matthew Manos

Community Management:
Elana Hubert, Clarisa Valdez

Design Leads:
Marlon Fuentes, Julia Marvel, Alisa Olinova, Josiah Pak, Jessica Wen



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