Downtown Women’s Center

Three years of design and strategy to benefit women in Skid Row.

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The Downtown Women’s Center has long been an organization that we are impressed and inspired by. Located in the heart of Skid Row, DWC works hard and diligently to make the women who call the area home by providing housing, health care, day shelter, food, jobs and community. Like many small-to-mid-size non-profit organization, the Downtown Women’s Center has consistent needs for visual communication and design strategy work, but not enough to justify the hiring of a full-time employee. In an effort to provide access to organizations like the Downtown Women’s Center, verynice leverages a unique retainer model that maps out all of the visual design needs over the course of a year, making our studio the go-to for any and all design needs.



verynice are much more than a design agency—they have been critical collaborators in our communications strategy for two years now. We’ve partnered with them on such a wide range of projects—digital and print design, illustration, website development, photography, and workshop facilitation—and their work is consistently of the highest quality and always pushes forward our brand and mission. We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Ann-Sophie Morrissette

Director of Communications
and Policy






Over the last 4 years, we have worked closely to develop a wonderful relationship with the Downtown Women’s Center resulting in a wide-range of project including annual reports, web design, photography, workshop facilitation, illustration, and more. The following is an assortment of work we have created for the organization by leveraging this retainer model.




In addition to our retainer-based work, we have also worked with the Downtown Women’s Center on a large initiative, the Needs Assessment Report, in 2013. The Needs Assessment Report is a large-scale project that is designed to benefit not just the Downtown Women’s Center, but the city as a whole. The Report is a trusted resource for the state-of women’s needs in Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles. For this project, not only did we leverage our local volunteers to go out to Skid Row and help collect valuable information from its female residents, we also were able to see the project through by designing a series of infographics and a publication.






The report reached an incredible audience after going a bit viral in the media with features from Los Angeles Times, La Opinión, KPCC Radio. and more. We are currently working on the 2016 update for the report which is slated to have an exciting interactive design component to it as well.








The Downtown Women’s Center is unique for many reasons, but one of those is the fact that they also own and operate their own social enterprise, Made by DWC. Made by DWC trains the residents of the Downtown Women’s Center in various arts, crafts, and retail skills via the SET to Work program. The resulting products are then sold in a series of retail locations in order to drive awareness around the issues women in skid row face, raise money for the organization, and create jobs for women in need.


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We worked the Made by DWC in order to design a comprehensive user experience for their first-ever eCommerce website, handled all product photography, and co-managed the development process with our friends at Goji Labs.


Creative Director:
Matthew Manos

Art Direction & Design:
Kate Manos, Alisa Olinova

Jessica Lin, Josiah Pak


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