Branding women's empowerment in New Mexico.

Visual Communication

Etkie produces and sells luxury jewelry handmade by Native American women. Its core mission is to showcase rich cultural heritage and creating meaningful jobs for Indigenous women. verynice was honored to collaborate with Etkie to re-launch their brand through a comprehensive brand strategy and identity design process, resulting in a series of brand guidelines for the Etkie team to apply to all of their efforts.


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After much research on who Etkie is and represents, the brand solution is high-end, iconic, abstract and precise. It is a representation of the contemporary aesthetic of Etkie designs and Etkie’s unique connection with Santa Fe and the women behind the project. The Etkie symbol is a modern, simplified abstraction of a complex tale about life’s journey and completion.




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Our design process almost always begins with an intensive study of forms and sketches – literally taking pen to paper to explore a wide range of iconographic styles and patterns that could inspire the brand and personality of a client. With Etkie, we were especially inspired by the patterns that were visible in their jewelry designs.






It has been a pleasure to watch Etkie’s brand grow after our collaboration, with recent press features and robust product-line expansions, their dream of creating jobs and raising cultural awareness is truly becoming a reality!


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Creative Direction:
Matt Manos

Design Direction:
Kate Manos

Art Direction & Design Lead:
Alisa Olinova

Josiah Pak


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