A new brand to help teens shift their perspective on mindfulness and community

Design Strategy
Visual Communication

Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of teens, parents, and professionals through mindfulness retreats. verynice had the pleasure of collaborating with iBme across virtually every service area including brand strategy, identity design, UI/UX, marketing strategy, print collateral design, and copywriting.


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The verynice team is collaborative, responsive and fun to work with. Their visual design work for us helped bring iBme to the next level in our brand identity.



With a distinct focus on encouraging teens to integrate mindfulness into their daily lives via exciting winter and summer retreats, we knew that the brand had to be cool and inspiring for young people, while also having a distinct professionalism and sense of safety that parents and school counselors can trust. Our branding process began with an in-depth look into the trends of after school programs and week-long sessions. The challenge we uncovered was the fact that iBme’s programs had to stand out among the many other experiences that teens can sign up for, even the more adventurous camps. By conducting user-interviews with teens, creating empathy maps, and conducting a comprehensive competitive analysis, we were able to understand the needs of iBme’s audience in order to create a mark that would speak to as many people as possible.

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While workshopping with our clients, we learned about the concept of MWe, which loosely translates into the concept of going from “me” to “we” – the idea of thinking outside of yourself and understanding the repercussions of your actions as well as the importance of community. This concept stood out to us and to the entire iBme team as a very inspirational message to have the brand carry. As a result, the new brand serves as a visual representation of that transition in perspective.

In addition to the brand, we also worked with iBme to conduct a market audit in order to refine their current messaging, resulting in new print collateral, and greatly influencing the design of their new website.

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The website is designed with the goal of making it as easy as possible for their many customer segments to find exactly what they need. Specifically, we wanted to ensure that the retreats were as easy as possible to sign up for, and that the mission and vision of iBme stood at the forefront of the message as whole. We also leveraged the website as an opportunity to consider mobile users and to experiment with many news ways to let the brand thrive online.






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Mindfulness is a hot topic, but for years iBme has stood at the forefront, advocating for the promise of meditation and mindful practices among young people in order to help these students in a typically difficult time of growth. verynice is proud to have supported the efforts of this organization through our design and strategy work.


Creative Direction:
Matthew Manos

Art Direction:
Alisa Olinova

Alisa Olinova, Josiah Pak, Ana Valencia, Carolina Ibarra-Mendoza

Marketing Research:
Renae Getlin, Han Chang

Project Management:
Noah Goldberg-Jaffe



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