Keep A Breast

Engaging thousands of people in a movement to #checkyourself.

Design Strategy
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Keep A Breast (KAB) is an organization dedicated to preventative care for breast cancer. Through education, art, awareness, and advocacy, KAB empowers women to live healthy lives and practice preventative care by through their #checkyourselfie app, which delivers self-check reminders, education, and support for healthy living. KAB approached verynice to create the #checkyourselfie app and a digital marketing structure around the app, including the #checkyourselfie website, promotional video, and Instagram pages to drive traffic to the app.





We initially teamed up with our friends at The Rare Studio to re-think the role of smart phones in breast cancer awareness and prevention. The free app provides a visual step-by-step overview of the breast self-exam and allows you to easily schedule an automatic monthly reminder with a pop-up text reminder. This app can be downloaded from the iTunes and Google Play stores. With 40% of diagnosed breast cancers being self-detected, the iPhone and Android compatible app aims to educate young people about the importance of breast self-examination and its timing. The monthly reminder helps the user perform their breast self-exam at the same time every month, at the recommended time, right after your monthly cycle. Because of the normal hormonal fluctuations in a woman’s body that affect breast tissue, it is important to select the same time every month so you will be able to distinguish between normal change and something that feels different.

Roughly a year after the first launch of the app, KAB approached verynice again to create a second iteration of the #checkyourselfie app, and to launch their first ever global marketing campaign. The campaign itself was centered around the product, including the #checkyourselfie website, promotional video, and Instagram pages to drive traffic to the app. The KAB brand is youthful, fresh, and informed by the vibrant, rebellious nature of skate culture. We knew the app, supporting website, and digital marketing pieces would need to stay true to this brand, but contain messaging that would feel accessible to a wide range of young women seeking education and support. Within the messaging itself, our challenge was to explain the importance of prevention in a way that was personal and engaging, not preachy.




First, we attacked this challenge by working with illustrations for the app and website that would fit KAB’s aesthetic. Our images were essential to educating users by making breast cancer statistics easier to understand. Informed by the need to reach users on a personal level without becoming preachy or condescending, we designed the app launch campaign messaging around #checkyourselfie. Through this hashtag, we encouraged women to share their personal stories and, of course, their selfies in order to build the feeling of community between KAB fans and users. We echoed this goal of “making it personal” when we worked on strategy for the promotional video (produced with our friends at filmanthropos), which tells the stories of two young women and their experiences with preventative care.




By identifying our pathway to KAB’s marketing success early on, we were able to create a successful digital marketing structure, which generates new users through KAB’s strong online community and drives app downloads through their website, promotional materials, and social media. The result of our campaign was more than 660MM campaign impressions internationally, 15K app downloads, and recognition of our promotional video by Upworthy, which resulted 30MM impressions and 41,786 views. KAB is now enjoying continued success in app download numbers, using their digital marketing structure to run new campaigns and drive traffic to their app.



Strategic and Creative Direction:
Matthew Manos

Renae Getlin

Matthew Manos, Kate Manos, Jessica Lin

Video Production:
Jasmine Youssefzadeh

App Development:
The Rare Studio, Snapp Development



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