Brand identity design, strategy and website design for our favorite California museum.

Visual Communication

We recently had the privilege of working with the Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA) on their brand identity and website. Most of our staff had already been fans of this museum that features only California artists and designers in order to explore culture, influences, and issues that are unique to California. Having explored PMCA a little on our own, we knew they had already had a fresh, vibrant personality that should easily translate into a strong brand.


However, PMCA’s personality  was not reflected in their website, which was nonresponsive, difficult to navigate, and hardly displayed any of the art and design featured in their exhibits. Because of this, PMCA’s website was causing potential new members to leave the site and lose interest. In order to resolve this, we first had to look closely at the needs of their current and desired membership and work to create a brand identity that both served this audience and mirrored the energy of PMCA’s exhibits.




In order to address PMCA’s audience, we had to merge two very distinct needs— those of their older members (above age 60) and their younger, twenty or thirty-something audience. The older members are used to a more traditional website design and system of navigation while younger members find minimal design and navigation to be both intuitive and more pleasing. In order to create a very modern, pleasing site without alienating a portion of PMCA’s membership, we created a minimal design while incorporating features that would make it more intuitive and accessible, such as larger font size and prominent arrows that indicate where to click and scroll.






Strategic Direction:
Matthew Manos

Creative Direction:
Kate Manos

Kate Manos, Alisa Olinova, Josiah Pak


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