Creating prototypes that re-imagine the user experience of on-demand private flight.

Digital Product Design

When we say, sprint, we’re not talking about a half marathon. Instead, this is a two-week process in which verynice works with a client to develop and test a concept for a digital product. For this sprint, we worked with SILVERWING— a sleek and innovative online service for reserving jets that aims to disrupt the private jet industry model.

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Over an intensive two-week sprint, verynice worked with SILVERWING to create a comprehensive UX design and product development strategy for their startup. From pencil sketches to a room full of whiteboard insanity to a streamlined set of clickable prototypes, every move was measured and calculated through a series of user studies that introduced the product to a curated group of individuals for feedback to inspire a series of product iterations.

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To begin the process, we conducted an audit of all of SILVERWING’S current features and MVP strategy in-order to prioritize and develop a site map and product roll-out strategy. An iterative process, we worked collaboratively with our client in order to come to something that felt right to us all, based on prior experience and industry standards.

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Because you can’t survive on assumptions alone, we then conducted a series of user interviews with a wide range of people including potential customers, and outside experts in the fields of UX and Information Architecture. During each study, we printed out our wireframe designs and asked the participants to walk us through what they thought was happening on a given page. We captured invaluable information simply by watching users connect with the designs, and integrated their feedback into every iteration to create a user experience that got better and better as the sprint went on.

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After the initial two-week sprint, our working relationship continued with SILVERING as we have served as ongoing advisors for the start-up, and have continued our prototype work in order to collect additional user feedback that will serve as the groundwork for major decisions in the final launch and implementation of the product when it goes to market in 2016.

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Because we do not focus on engineering at verynice, we then tapped into our robust network of development partners in order to help SILVERWING develop a proper plan and budget for continuing the development process. The product is slated to launch in 2016, and we can’t wait to see the success our client will face!

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Stategic Direction:
Matthew Manos

Design Strategy:
Brooklyn Brown

UX Design:
Alisa Olinova, Josiah Pak

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