Embedding business-model design into a social enterprise incubator.

Design Education

Over the last decade, Latin America has been laying the groundwork for entrepreneurial initiatives, by cultivating a more advanced startup culture, innovative business, and stronger economy. Throughout this movement, Mexico has grown to be one of the more dynamic scenes for social entrepreneurship in Latin America. Today, organizations like the open innovation platform and accelerator Socialab MX, are joining in to help support early-stage social entrepreneurs by giving them the support they need to bring their ideas to the market. verynice was excited to take on the opportunity of facilitating a half-day, training workshop for the Socialab MX team in Mexico City, Mexico leveraging our Models of Impact (MOI) methodology. MOI is an ideation game created to stimulate the process of starting a social enterprise with easy and fun ways of generating new business models. The goal of this workshop was for the Socialab MX team to learn, test, and practice verynice’s methodology and gain a deeper sense of empathy for entrepreneurs by experiencing the MOI process firsthand and applying it internally.

Training the Trainers

Models of Impact was designed to help grow the social enterprise movement and coach business leaders on unique ways of implementing impact-driven business. The Models of Impact Ambassadors Program became a growing movement of practitioners across 75 countries leveraging MOI as a tool to generate new business models each day. Facilitating an in-person workshop with Socialab MX became a natural extension of our MOI Ambassadors program. In a workshop style-training program, each participant was able to not only apply the methodology firsthand but also experience a deeper dive into key models and use cases for the organization.

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Practice Makes Perfect

After the initial training workshop, Socialab MX jumped right into co-facilitating a public MOI workshop for a group of entrepreneurs the following day. This experience helped the team improve their mastery and explore the many facets of the methodology from a new perspective as a facilitator. It also helped ensure all employees had a firm grasp on the techniques, making future entrepreneur training programs as effective as possible.

For us at Socialab, the Models of Impact methodology has become an indispensable tool for our work with social entrepreneurs. We constantly work with people that aspire to create social businesses, however, they struggle a lot to find a way to make their projects sustainable.


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Co-Hosting a Models of Impact Event

verynice’s ongoing partnership with Socialab MX led to our team co-hosting this MOI event at the everso socially-innovative CENTRO University in Mexico City. With the support of our collective networks, including organizations like Uncommon, CENTRO, and Impact Hub, over 50 participants attended the workshop. This was a great way for Socialab MX to showcase their adoption of MOI practices and how they are embracing entrepreneurial partnerships.

Taking Off the Training Wheels

Socialab MX has continued to utilize MOI in ongoing programs for entrepreneurs, including young entrepreneurs. In Cocoyoc, Mexico, Socialab MX facilitated the MOI game at FIE 2017 for over 450 high school students. This event helped inspire entrepreneurial ambition and support a new generation of engaged entrepreneurs.

Only in our first six months of working with MOI, we have helped over 1,000 aspiring social entrepreneurs design the business model for their potential venture. We are looking forward to continuing to take Models of Impact to the rest of Mexico and Latin America in the near future.

Socialab MX

Certification & Partnership

We were proud to award Socialab MX with a MOI Ambassadors certificate and establish an ongoing partnership as Socialab MX continues to build upon past successes and improve its programming. We believe using MOI is a learning tool crucial to achieving these goals and spreading entrepreneurial awareness and support. Our partnership with Socialab MX continues through co-facilitation future events and has spearheaded training and partnering experiences for other organizations interested in having the ability to facilitate their own business-design workshops.

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MOI is an open-source tool anyone can download for free! Check out our Ambassadors Program and contact us for training opportunities for your organization.


Design Strategy & Curriculum Design :
Shane Chase, Matthew Manos

Partnership Co-Leads:
Juan Del Cerro, Isa Harvey

Alejandro Hernández, Jair Ziranda, Jorge Draako MeHeredia

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