The Key to the City

Compton in virtual reality.

Visual Communication


One of the best ways to get to know a community is to get out of the car, go for a walk and take a train ride. Equally important is to have a connection with locals that fill you in on the stories, people, and places that make it what it is. In this episode of Soul of the City, we visit the South LA communities of Compton and Watts.

In the past few decades, South Los Angeles has played a huge part in the pop culture lexicon, the most recent and poignant example being Straight out of Compton retelling NWA’s origin story on the big screen.

We were excited for the opportunity to work with the Femaales Program as we thought it would be a great use-case for our work in immersive video given its very strong ties to South LA.

So when Carolyn, Qiana, and Aiwei invited us to attend Kendrick Lamar’s ceremony, receiving the key to the city of Compton, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to really learn more about this community that holds such importance in our collective consciousness.

It was really interesting listening to Kendrick address the crowd with a message centered on social change and a promise to continue advocating for Compton.  Only a day later, he delivered on this promise by making a powerful statement at the Grammy’s to a global audience.


Screenshot 2016-03-28 10.57.42


Screenshot 2016-03-28 10.59.10-(1)


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Direction, Writing & Production:
Marlon Fuentes, Derek Wong

Community Health Experts:
Qiana Montazeri, Carolyn Belton, Aiwe Okungbowa

Special Thanks:
Femaales Project, Watts Coffee House



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