Expanding the design capacity for a health clinic, inspired by Islam

Visual Communication

Great collaborations are the product of inspiration, trust, and strategic thinking. verynice has been fortunate enough to work with the University Muslim Medical Association (UMMA) as a partner to help build capacity and provide effective design solutions that communicate the impact of the organization’s work. UMMA is an exemplary clinic based in South LA that serves the surrounding communities by providing full medical services and support to underserved residents with a community based mission that’s been recognized by the likes of U.S. President Barack Obama. The organization was born out of the turbulent 92’ civil disturbances in Los Angeles and scaled to its current level of success thanks to the hard work of countless individuals and the courage of those who have helped it overcome obstacles.




A few of the exciting projects verynice has had the opportunity to work on include branding for UMMA’s 20th Anniversary as well as collaboration on effective storytelling and visual design for the organization’s 2016 Ramadan fundraising campaign. In order to communicate the impact, future, and success of the organization, verynice focused on the meaning behind the idea of legacy and developed a 20 year celebration logo to uniquely position the celebration, and a tagline that recognizes the history and future of the organization.



Working lean and leveraging individual talents is key when approaching scalable, agile solutions. As a partner to the organization, verynice has identified unique opportunities for design thinking, professional development, and produced timely assets that have helped the organization throughout special campaigns, leadership transitions, as well as looking to the future. Even with 33,000 nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles County alone, we believe it’s important to remember that no one solution fits the needs of every organization. Mission based organizations each have their own history, founding story, and culturally relevant way of helping their constituents. By working together, leveraging key strengths, and adopting a design thinking mindset, we are able to help organizations like UMMA thrive so they are able to improve lives in their community.

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Creative Direction & Design:
Alisa Olinova

Olivia Sy, Jesus Jacobo, Justin Finuliar, Jonathan Nishida, Ana Valencia, Carolina Ibarra-Mendoza




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