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Creating a cohesive visual system that engages young people all over the world to become agents of change.

Design Strategy
Visual Communication




How can we design a comprehensive and cohesive visual system that engages young people all over the world to become agents of change in their communities?

U-Report is a mobile phone, text based service designed to give young people a chance to voice their opinions on issues that they care about in their communities, encourage citizen-led development, and create positive change.

U-Reporters join the programme by sending the SMS’ “join” to a short-code or following a U-Report twitter handle in response to advertising and partner field trainings advertising the programme. Having launched in May 2011 in Uganda, there are now over 1.8 million U-Reporters throughout 18 countries including Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia, Burundi and Indonesia.

To learn more about U-Report, visit http://ureport.in/

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Our challenge was to make the process of deploying U-Report in a country much easier for our UNICEF colleagues in the field. This meant understanding the context within which U-Report was being introduced to communities and being able to work quickly with colleagues, many of whom we have never met, via Skype and email in order to deploy design assets, sometimes under the crunch of an emergency. We had to figure out how to design in languages other than the ones we know, and use the best communication methods to reach out to as many young people as possble. Our design team takes the responsibility of understanding the landscape of the U-Report design so we can not only maintain it as it scales quickly, but be ready to evolve it where necessary.

Design consultancy, verynice joined hands with the UNICEF team to research, prototype and produce the visual brand of U-Report. With the help of the logos, guidelines and system created by verynice, our team now independently continues the deployment while also improving on the assets.

The following is an illustration of all the key stakeholders in the U-Report brand and web deployment system:




Print and Digital Collateral

Upon consultation with the country offices and with the understanding of the basic context, we also help design print collateral that will get the U-Report programme up and running. This includes posters, flyers, banners, digital images to be distributed on social media and diagrams that explain the system of U-Report. These materials are designed with the country offices, keeping in mind the specific places and context in which they will be the most useful.






These materials are distributed in schools, common gatherings, special events, etc. depending on the situation.





Promotional Material

We also co-designed global promotional print and digital content for U-Report alongside their country-specific designs. These are made in various languages and used by country offices globally for celebrating landmarks or big announcements.




Web Deployment

Simultaneous to the brand deployment is the web design deployment. The current design template of the website was established by verynice, and the UNICEF team now helps the developers gather all of the content they will need using a streamlined design deployment process. The current U-Report website is a first prototype and we are constantly working on gathering data from the country offices to improve for a second iteration slated for mid-2016.




The deployment of U-Report is a continuously evolving process that our design team is rapidly adapting and improving. Our main goal is to have country offices and young people take ownership of this program in their own context. We are always working on making this a better and more sustainable system that is easy for every stakeholder.


This case study originally appeared on UNICEF Design Nerd’s website.


Creative Director:
Bora Shin

Lead Designer:
Jessica Wen

UX/UI Design:
Heejin Suh

Field Research:
Katrina Keane


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