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Empowering young entrepreneurs through design service and mentorship.

Visual Communication

Today’s young entrepreneurs are changing the way businesses make positive impact. As significant agents of economic growth, job creation, and innovation, these young leaders carry with them the fearlessness and ideas to take on our world’s most critical challenges.

However, as most entrepreneurs experience, it can be difficult to attain the support and skills necessary to carry these ideas into real action. At verynice, our design approach has always emphasized legacy through sustainable solutions. Our expertise in design education encompasses preparing tomorrow’s leaders for potential challenges ahead. To fulfill our role, we’ve recognized that true sustainability comes from sharing our knowledge with the next generation.

Giving back has always been at the core of our vision, but is also the driving passion behind our generous commitment to pro-bono service. Since our Founder, Matthew Manos, started as a young entrepreneur, supporting student entrepreneurs along their journeys is a role we were thrilled to take on. Through a variety of programs, verynice has been able to provide young entrepreneurs with design work throughout their development process. In order to do this, we’ve mobilized an active network of volunteers to help support these young leaders and their ideas through various branding projects and mentorship programs.

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Two partnerships, in particular, Catapult and TigerLaunch, have allowed us to lend our branding design skills to benefit entrepreneurial students from across the United States. Through a series of sessions, verynice’s team walked students through the visual design process and tapped our extensive professional volunteer network to produce visual branding solutions for 50+ youth startups.

Below are some samples of the logos designed for the student teams. For some projects, our support extended to creating additional business cards and introductory pages to team presentation decks. You can find one of the presentation decks by Ripple right here.


We couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome of these partnerships. The entrepreneurs we worked with were exposed not only to many parts of the design process but also to some of the different ways that good design can shape a business— especially in its early stages. By turning their ideas into engaging, dynamic brands, they were able to see that design is at the core of a business’s identity and can also help shape its future.

For these young entrepreneurs, nothing is more inspiring than first-hand experience. Thanks to the work and mentorship of our amazing volunteers, like Aaron Gleenhouse, students get to experience professional collaboration and design processes early on.

“Volunteering for verynice and Catapult to help high school entrepreneurs was a great experience. Giving back to young people that are motivated to turn their ideas into reality is inspiring. I enjoyed designing a logo for a company, they created, that has a good global cause at its foundation. It was more of a reason to volunteer for the project. I treated them as clients and listened to their branding needs. In our conference calls, they worked together to give professional and constructive feedback that made working with them a joy. It was a collaborative effort to come up with the logo and the different variations of it. I do have to say they were one of my best clients. I know whatever their next venture is, that it will be a success.” 

TigerLaunch 2017 NYU Regionals Image: @tigerlaunch

Along with branding projects, verynice’s involvement with young entrepreneurs extends into design education and other high school program opportunities. Our Founder, Matthew Manos, has worked as a guest lecturer, mentor, and competition judge for various youth design and entrepreneurship programs including Pasadena Unified School District, L.A. Da Vinci Schools, Fie México, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, and Youth Leadership America.

For our team at verynice, it’s been an incredible journey utilizing our skills and services to help support the next generation of design and entrepreneurial leaders. We look forward to continued partnerships and future opportunities to help empower even more young entrepreneurs!



Initiative Lead:
Matthew Manos

Catapult Initiative Co-Lead:
Bora Shin

Project Management:
Elana Hubert, Clarisa Valdez

Ashoka's Catapult Fall 2014

Marlon Fuentes
Marc O'Brien
Alden Seabolt
James Vanie
Steph Valencia
Marria Nakhoda
Jessica Wen
Heejin Suh
Julia Marvel
Jessica Wen

Catapult Spring 2015 (SF)

Clare Jensen
Jessica Wen
Alisa Olinova
Alina Alvarez
Josiah Pak
Marlon Fuentes
James Vanie

Catapult Fall 2015 (Boston)

Alina Alvarez
Julien Nguyen
Andres Rivera
Alex Bruno
Carolina Ibarra-Mendoza

Catapult Fall 2015 (SF)

Kritika Hora
Marlon Fuentes
Demetres Nicola
Carissa Atrianty

Catapult Spring 2016 (Chicago)

Anisa Bashiri
Julia Marvel
Susie Thai
Makenzie Riley
Chrystal Li
Marlon Fuentes

Catapult Spring 2016 (SF)

Angelina Altobano
Julia Jiao
Joyce Huang
Demetres Nicola
Juan Ayala

Catapult Summer 2016 (TBD) (AIGA Volunteers)

Patrick Fredrickson
Jason Adam
Keith Knueven
Aaron Gleen
Amy Gustincic
Vanessa Dewey
Sarah Foelske

TigerLaunch Spring 2017 (Seattle, NYC & Chicago)

Alex Duran
Johan Cristobal
Jennifer Funk
Iris Angelopoulou
Sally Chung
Cristala Andrews
Gian Dionisio
Melissa Flower
Yvonne Chen
Bryan Wong
Vivian Liu

Catapult Summer 2017 (SF)

Olivia Sy
Behnia Rahmati
Marta Klopf
Tina Paek
Rachel Fishman
Brett Bertola
Kurt Conde
Jade Milan
Alexia Chuck
Matthew Manos



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