Creative Facilitation connects people with learning outcomes through the design of curriculum and workshops.

Our Creative Facilitation engagements focus on ideation and planning. We believe that meetings can be the best part of the day. At verynice, we combine playful creativity with applied strategy to facilitate productive workshops and meetings that help organizations build internal capacity for innovation and ultimately, thrive. Working with us puts you in good hands. We’ve facilitated over 200 workshops and retreats in 15 countries that have produced lasting results for a variety of clients.


"Working with the team at verynice to carry out a one-week design sprint was great. Having them as outside facilitators allowed all of the participants present to truly focus on the problem at hand and we were able to reach a consensus around our design direction we had not been able to achieve previously."

Erin Neff
Director of Product at The Black Tux


Kicking off a new initiative or planning for the future can be a daunting task when tackled alone, but with the guidance of a facilitator, the possibilities are limitless. We fuse the creative principles from design with proven strategy frameworks to help your team develop a new vision for the future and an actionable roadmap on how to get there.



Brainstorming can seem like a messy process, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. The facilitator can provide structure and tap into people’s inherent creative potential to spark new ideas. We facilitate productive ideation sessions and hack-a-thons, involving hands-on activities, that result in tangible ideas that can move your organization forward.

"Our Annual Board retreat used to be about planning the mechanics of the year ahead. Pretty simple and often uninspired stuff. But verynice brought an element of imagination and fun to the process, creating incredible buy-in. Our conversations became less mechanical and more playful, and suddenly we were all enjoying this process, imagining what the future would look like for us and for the world around us in which we operate. We’ve become a more open, imaginative and successful organization after working with the team at verynice. Everyone should be so lucky."

George McGraw
Founder and Executive Director, DIGDEEP

Our workshops are inspired by curriculum we've built ourselves, and range from rapid 1 hour sessions to multi-day retreats. We will work with you to determine a duration that best fits your needs,  and are uniquely positioned to design engaging meetings.


Theory is good, but action is better:

We turn design thinkers into design doers through participatory exercises and activities. Our experience facilitating workshops in 15 countries allows us to recognize and respond to needs of a diverse audience.


Legacy is the goal:

We strive to work ourselves out of a job so that your team can confidently repeat and scale lessons learned throughout the organization. Our collaborative process ensures that you are a partner in shaping the goals and experience of the meeting.


Play is critical:

Our fun and interactive approaches unlock people’s creativity and creates an energetic space for active participation from everyone at the table. Put simply, we like to mix things up, and make your day a bit more peculiar.

"The verynice team brought a critical new lens to our planning process! They rapidly and accurately gathered diverse perspectives, asked keen questions, and guided an engaging in-person strategy session. Their customized toolkit eloquently synthesized our work together and provided actionable resources we used immediately across our organization."

Ann Ferree
Chief Strategy and Partnership Officer, Alliance for a Healthier Generation

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